Looking for business rentals? Browse available commercial properties here.

Skyboxes rentals are included below. Skybox rentals all include teleporters to Bayside City & you’re welcomed to drive in the city. Please adhere to driving and parking rules.

Lose your rental? Visit any kiosk in world for a direct teleport.

To be immediately notified of new rentals, please visit Bayside, click a mailbox and hit “notify.” If you would like to go on a waitlist, please IM ZaneVanderbuilt Resident, make note of any budget requirements so you can be alerted to new vacancies within your preferred price range.

We Think You'll Love Living in Bayside. Why?

Join a Community

Bayside prides itself on bringing residents together and plans and hosts events that allow you to meet other Bayside residents and visitors regularly. Whether you role play or not, you're sure to find an event for you.

Serene Surroundings

Bayside offers many spaces to kick back, relax or hang out with friends and loved ones. You'll find a hiking trail, park, and beach to enjoy. You can also choose if you want to live in a social setting or on a private parcel, for ultimate privacy.

Play on Your Terms

It's completely up to you how and if you want to role play but we have plenty of locations to enhance your city life experience, including a medical center, police station, gas station, restaurants, tennis court, cafes, and businesses created by other residents like you!

So How Does it Work?

Browse through our available homes

See the available homes located in Bayside City below - the sim name is Avant Garde. If available, you will have the option to teleport to the home, have a tour and decide if it is the home for you.

Pay the Mailbox to Begin

If the home is the right fit, you simply pay the mailbox. Once paid, you will receive an automatic invite that will allow you the ability to rez and control your security. If you miss the invite, be sure to click the mailbox.

Move in!

Once you accept the group, you can begin decorate as you wish. If you need to add your friends or family members, be sure to click your rental and add them as tenants. Everyone listed as a tenant should also familiarize themselves with the rental agreement.