Are you looking to expand your business or headquarters in Bayside? Need a space for meetings, connecting with clients or covering an underground operation. Check out the office spaces we have in the city. Access all offices downtown at The BLOC.


Whether you like office role play or have a larger organization in mind, our office spaces are great for your role play and business needs. Giving you full access to all of the amenities of living in Bayside but with the additional privacy of an office space.

Fully Secured

You have access to add tenants to your office if you need to provide rez rights. They will automatically gain access to your security to ensure only individuals you want are at your location.

Easy Elevators

Access your business easily from The Bloc's main elevator. If at any point you want your office location locked from the elevator, simply submit a ticket to have it removed.

Full Sim Access

Some offices are skyboxes, some are right in the city but you have the option to rez out vehicles or explore the city along with all residents who live directly in the city.


Your rental gives you access to the city's advertising - boards around the city and even billboards if you need them. Promote your business and services.

RP Operations

Offices are great spaces for role play operations - whether those are legal or criminal enterprises, legal offices, medical/cosmetic services and more.

Join Bayside Businesses

Your corporate rental will give you all the same access as business owners in Bayside. If your location generates role play you have extra access to the business owner role in Discord and in world for additional access.

Get as creative as you'd like. These spaces are a great way to expand your business and role play.


Want a view of the city or something in the sky for ultimate privacy and the least lag possible? We've got multiple options for you.


Be sure to send us your logo once you are up and running so we can display it here.