Thank you for renting in Bayside City! By renting a home in Bayside City, you are agreeing to these terms.  Bayside City is an immersive role play community.  As a renter here, you are renting a home.  We do not sell land, therefore renters do not have land ownership rights.  Depending on the type of home you rent you may have a private parcel and security to control access to your home.  All homes come with the ability to add tenants, manage group invites to grant others the right to rez. Any tenant you add to your rental is expected to have an understanding of this agreement.

Contact Information
All inquiries, questions, requests or general information about your rental must be sent to Zanevanderbuilt resident.  This should be sent as an IM, briefly explaining the inquiry. Please do not contact individual members of our staff.  IMs sent to Zane create a ticket for us and any of our estates managers will respond to you to gather more information or resolve.

Information about the sim or community events will be sent to the Vanderbuilt Estates group. If you do not wish to receive these messages, please open the group and turn notifications off.

1. Properties are limited to a maximum of one residential and one business property per resident.  If you have a need for more rentals, please contact Zanevanderbuilt resident to see if the request can be accommodated prior to renting. We cannot guarantee a full refund if time elapses on a rental that may lead to eviction.

2. Prims are only allowed on your property and you must abide by prim limits. Prims rezzed elsewhere on sim will be returned. If you continue to rez prims around sim and do not remove them, it could potentially lead to eviction.  If you are sharing a house, be sure to add everyone who needs to rez as a tenant by clicking your rental.  If we see prims rezzed that are not associated with a rental, they will be returned. If you own multiple rentals on sim, please contact Zanevanderbuilt Resident for a prim consolidation. Include your address in your IM.

3. There are no refunds or transfers. Be sure to view your home prior to renting. You are able to walk through the home to ensure it meets your needs prior to paying. Contact us with any questions you have about your rental prior to renting.

4. We are not able to reserve rentals.  If you are interested in a particular property, please click the rental and select notify. If you have signed up for a waitlist, we will notify you as soon as a rental become available but we can not hold for an extended amount of time.

5. Please do not rez items that obstruct the street facing view of your property - large trees, banners, large signs, etc.  If you have questions about rezzing particular items, please message Zanevanderbuilt Resident.

6. Vehicles may be rezzed if you have a driveway and available prims for it. These should remain on your property. If you are driving around town, please only park at designated, metered parking spaces. You meter should be paid. If unpaid your vehicle will be returned and you may receive a parking ticket. Unresolved parking tickets can lead to your license and ability to rez vehicles revoked.

To help with sim resources, the amount of vehicles on the road will be limited.  Only renters are able to rez vehicles. If you continuously ignore parking rules on sim, it may lead to driving restrictions or eviction.

7. Homes are rented as is. Please view your entire home prior to renting. Homes cannot be swapped out, additional scripts cannot be added for more features. If the home comes furnished, it is as is.  If you have a request for something, please send it to Zanevanderbuilt resident. We cannot guarantee requests will be granted. Be sure to contact prior to renting if you have a true need for something.

8. Use of breedables should be limited.  Breedables are a huge sim resource and should be limited. If your home begins causing performance issues, we may ask you to lower script usage.  Please try to have only one breedable rezzed out on a consistent basis. If you need help, please contact us.

9. Please keep track of your belongings. If you accidentally lose track of something, attempt to area search to find it. We are not able to search for specific items for you in any way other than area search, which you also have access to.  Our only option is to return all items rezzed by a specific person. If you need all of your items returned, please contact us.

10. We cannot reserve or hold business rentals. If you are interested in a business rental be sure to pay the box you are interested in, business licenses are not needed.

11. Please attempt to pay your rent on time. We will contact you if your rental expires and hold the rental for 24-hours (potentially 48 hours for special circumstances). If you are not renewing your rent, please click "won't renew" on your rental box.

12. If you are operating any business from your home, please make sure it aligns with the role play on sim and does not require an excessive amount of scripts. ie: home daycare, pet sitting, drug dealing, medical services, transport services, potion brewing, catering, etc.  If you have questions about home businesses, don't hesitate to contact Zanevanderbuilt Resident.

13. We ask that only renters with private parcels or businesses set events on their land. Any one is welcomed to throwing an event on sim, we are referring to officially listing it on the website. Business owners do have rights to host events on the main parcel.

14. We don’t allow any sort of escorting business, sexual or otherwise for anyone outside of The Monarchy.

15. Adding personal Adboards is prohibited.  We have adboards at the Bayside landing, near BUFC, and various places in the city.

Additional Information
1. The sim restarts twice a day at 2am and 2pm.

2. There is a landing point on sim. If you do not rent on a separate parcel, we recommend you landmark your home and understand teleporting via landmarks on sims with landing points. You can also landmark The Vanderbuilt and Faith & Flower as entry points to the city or set your rental as your home.

3. This is a role play city and open to the public. Ensure you want to live on a social sim prior to renting. If you would like privacy, consider the homes we have available on private parcels. Should you need help finding a particular type of home, please contact Zanevanderbuilt resident.