All role play sectors are run by committees comprised of individuals interested in the role play.  The city does not utilize role play admins to tell you how to conduct role play. You can come together with other role play enthusiasts interested in your sector of role play to plan and execute role play ideas.

Please be sure to follow the below guidelines when participating in a committee.

  1. Be sure to react to a role in the RP Committees channel in Discord. This will give you the role and access to the planning channel. If you’d like to leave a committee, go back to this channel and remove your reaction.
  2. Connect with other members or begin planning yourself if you are the first. Committees are meant to be the leaders of the role play for this sector. If you are not interested in leading or planning, you can participate in the role play without joining a committee.
  3. Committees will be asked to select a committee leader every 3 months.  Connect with each other to make this decision. If you are interested in being the leader, express that to your group.  You will all be asked to vote every 3 months. Committee leaders are welcomed to continue leading if their committee members choose so.
  4. Committees are not welcome to charge or accept any form of payment for anything related to their area of role play on behalf of the committee. If there is a fundraising need for the committee, you must submit a ticket in Discord to request options.  You should do this in a timely manner, it can take 1-2 weeks to arrange for payment terminals to be set up

    If you run or operate a business related to this sector of role play, you’re more than welcome to accept payments. You just cannot accept payments on behalf of the committee – ie accepting dues or donations for the high school that have not been approved or facilitated by Bayside admins, charging guests to role play as a doctor, officer, etc, charging guests to participate in role play.  If you host a fundraiser to cover costs for items the committee needs – ie an event or party related to the sector, this must be requested via a ticket and a city admin will assist with payment mechanisms.

    However, if you have your own store that sells school items, this is permitted. If you have a business or home rental and you sell drugs to factions, that is a personal endeavor and not on behalf of the committee.

5.  Committees are not welcome to create separate sites for their sectors without prior approval. If you are in need of a site, submit a ticket to request with all details and plans for your site. Admins may require you to create a subsite on our Bayside website.  If you are permitted to create a site, city Admins will need to be given owner permissions of this site. Remember, committees do not own any aspect of Bayside. If you’re looking to own your own business, be sure to check out business options in the city.

6.  Committees are not welcome to create their own in world groups on behalf of the committee.  Any required groups for the sector must be approved, submit a ticket in Discord to request. Your request should include your intention for the group, the exact roles you’d like created, the SL usernames of anyone that needs moderator permissions. Bayside groups can only be created by Bayside’s owner and admins.

7. Any forms, processes that prevent a role player from starting the role play must be approved in advance and role play admins must be given owner permissions for anything created to facilitate this. ie – applications to role play or participate.  Job applications separate from the general job application in Discord.

8. If you need admin/owner approval for anything, be sure to create a ticket. Please have your ideas and requests organized prior to opening the ticket and add all of that information to the ticket when you create it. We do not need to see expansive documents. Please summarize your ideas and identify exactly what you need in the ticket.  Do not leave these requests to last minute. We cannot rush responses or work that needs to be done. Submit in a timely manner and as organized as possible.

9. If you have multiple requests, organize and submit all of your needs in one ticket. Again, this should be organized in advance. We will not be reading through committee notes. You can include these but your request needs to be a high level summary of what you need, justification for it and any details related to the request.