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Bayside residents are role play enthusiasts and looking for businesses that fit in with their role play. This can include day cares, salons/spas, tattoo shops, grocers, MyStory businesses, etc.


Avatar makeovers, photography, videography, customs, event services and catering are all extremely popular amongst Bayside residents and visitors.


Bayside is a trendy, fashion conscious city and residents and visitors are always eager for great quality fashion products, role play products and decor.

Quick Tips


Bayside is a MyStory Immersive Role Play City. Bringing businesses that role players can enjoy and purchase products for their RP journey is a great start.


Utilize our role play groups, Discord, content creators or advertising boards and billboards around the city to make your presence known.


Businesses that open regularly or offer unique self-service options generally perform better. Need help? Visit Vanderbuilt Realty or connect with a RP Admin for suggestions.


The city has man eager role players who would love help bring your vision to life. Take some time hiring RPers to help run your business.