Bayside City Driving & Parking Regulations

Driving in Bayside City is reserved for commercial and residential renters only. Renting parking spaces will not grant you the ability to rez. You will need an active home or business rental in order to drive.

There are no restrictions on driving in Bayside City, however cars should be removed when not driving unless parked in your driveway or a paid metered space.

If you wish to park outside of your driveway and do not wish to pay for a meter, please take your car until you need to drive again.

Parking rates in the city vary. You will find both hourly and weekly meters.  For hourly meters, if you pay 3 hours you will receive 3 hours free, to assist with work/business parking.

Failure to follow regulations may result in role play parking violations but can also lead to sim restrictions and banning if continued.  Please take responsibility of your vehicles to help with sim resources and respect other players. 

Role Play Parking Settlement

  • You can receive up to 5 unsettled parking tickets before a sim admin requests that you do not rez any vehicles moving forward. If you continue to rez vehicles after this request it may lead to eviction or a sim ban.
  • If you’d like to settle your tickets, you may do so by conducting a court hearing at any point after receiving a ticket/tickets. Arrange a hearing with other role players or contact Zanevanderbuilt resident to help arrange.  Only city officials are able to remove parking tickets from your record.

Again, we want to keep this playful, but please keep your vehicles under control and do not leave vehicles in public spaces when not in use.