We’re excited to have you in Bayside! Please familiarize yourself with these rules prior to teleporting to Bayside City, engaging in any role play or renting a property.

1. Be mature and respectful of all other guests.

2. Do not enter rented homes.  Vacant homes will display float text above the mailbox indicating it is available. If there is no float text, the home has been rented. If you mistakenly enter someone’s home, please leave promptly.

3. You do not need to be a role player to live in Bayside City.

4. You do not need to live in Bayside City to role play. Anyone is welcomed to role play.

5. You are not welcome to sell any products or services if you do not have a rental in the city.

6. No adult activity in public areas.

7. No spamming or advertising of any goods and services unless related to Bayside City or Vanderbuilt companies.

8. Avoid excessive use of scripts or excessively high complexities

9. Vehicles can be rezzed at your homes, given you have a driveway and your prim allowance but to use your vehicles around town, you must be a Bayside resident and park only in your driveway or designated, metered parking spaces. These will be limited to avoid high scripts and too many cars on the road. Do not leave your cars around town. Clean up after yourself.

10. No use of gestures or excessive shouting in public spaces

11. No Spam

12. Please only rez appropriate props in public spaces and ALWAYS clean them up. ie yoga mats while doing yoga, beach towels.  Do not rez any large items. Do not rez in restaurants.

13. Please respect different role play styles. If someone’s role play style does not work with yours, excuse yourself from the RP, especially if they are not breaking any role play rules. Avoid attempting to shame or ridicule anyone for how they enjoy playing.