Want to be Recognized as a Socialite in Bayside?

Bayside City celebrity is a sector of the city’s role play that everyone is welcome to participate in.  You earn social XP for participation in various aspects of the city – getting to know our community in Discord and sharing aspects of your life in Bayside, attending events, sharing photos, having articles posted about you, hosting events and more.

All residents can view social rankings here and those at the top of the list each month are recognized as the city’s celebrities.  Their photos and details about them are displayed at our landing.  They’ll receive a special role in Discord and access to private channels, a special title in our in world group, and they’ll be added to this page here and a verified badge on our social network.

The role play is new and perks will continue to develop.

How to Earn Social XP

Participate on Discord

You naturally earn XP on Discord by chatting and participating in various channels.  You can check your level in the "Rank" channel and see the leaderboard here - https://mee6.xyz/en/baysidecityrp. This is a great space to get social so players can begin recognizing your name. Be sure to update your name in the server with your character or in world name so people recognize you in the city.

Attend Openings & Events

The biggest part of being a socialite is being social.  Be sure to keep up with what's going on in Bayside to know when businesses are opening or events are happening and attend! Grab a pic and post in Discord. Be sure to note the opening/event in your description. Your photo must be at the event and taken during the event. People in the background help. XP are added weekly.

Attend Live XP Events

Some special and red carpet events may also offer live XP. These are usually formal - semi formal and you will gain more XP and these points will be given immediately at the conclusion of the event.

Host Your Own Events

Host an event at your home, job, business, anywhere around town to earn more XP. Be sure to get a couple photos of the event and post them to Discord after. XP will be added weekly.

Have an Article Posted About You

As journalists and paparazzi begin working in the city, any post about you will earn you additional XP. These can be articles about you, your style, spottings, etc.  Only requirement - they cannot be written by you. But we know celeb culture, you won't be penalized for orchestrating tips. Make sure the link is posted to Discord.

Have a Photo or Video Posted to Bayside City Socials

If we post your photo or video to our socials - IG, Twitter or Facebook you will earn XP.  These videos may be submitted in Discord, or by posting to socials and tagging our pages using #BaysideCityRP.  This does not include reshares or shares to stories. They must be posts.

Share a Bayside Video on YouTube

If you're taking the influencer route, sharing your Bayside life to YouTube is a great way to earn XP. Be sure to post your content in the Bayside content channel

Post a RP blog or Social Post in Bayside

If you show off your life via blogs or social, be sure to share them in the Bayside Content channel to earn XP.

Have the Most Connections on the Bayside Social Network

Members with the most connections or forum group members will earn extra XP at the end of the month.