1. Nudity or explicit content of any kind is not allowed.
  2. Offensive language or content that can offend someone else is not allowed.
  3. Spam in general is not allowed.
  4. All bugs or reports should submitted through tickets via the 📥help-desk channel.
  5. Cyber threats, or threats in general will be taken very seriously.
  6. Harassment, excessively targeting a player or staff member or excessively messaging a player or staff member will not be tolerated.
  7. GTA Server advertisement of any sort is not allowed.
  8. Second Life advertisement is not allowed unless it is a Bayside business or an event happening in Bayside.
  9. Discussions about politics or religions are not allowed.
  10. This is an English-speaking community; therefore, only English is allowed in our channels.
  11. Do not advertise other Discord servers.

If you have previously been banned and would like to submit an unban request, please submit a ticket in the help desk channel. Your request will be considered based on the severity of your ban.

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Bayside City opening February 2022

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