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Created by Role Players for Role Players

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“Bayside City was originally created to provide role players with a home that could be molded to fit their individual needs and interests. By inviting role players to be the driving force behind the areas of role play that interest them the most, we hope to expand those possibilities.”

Meela Vanderbuilt, founder

Who We Are

Bayside City is a Second Life role play community created by Meela Vanderbuilt originally in Second Life. Bayside spans across 4 regions, including one skybox skim. The community connects through Discord, in world groups and of course, around the city..

The Bayside City team is comprised of the city's role players who sit on committees for various sectors of role play.

What We Do

Bayside City is an ever growing city equipped with residential properties, both public and private, allowing residents to choose their experience. Our mission is to provide Second Life residents the opportunity to live, work, role play and build exciting stories in one place.

In addition to residential properties, Bayside Second Life welcomes both role play and for-profit businesses to begin their virtual enterprises in Bayside.

Meet Our Team

The team behind Bayside City