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“Bayside City was originally created to provide role players with a home that could be molded to fit their individual needs and interests. With the addition of the GTA server, we hope to expand those possibilities.”

Meela Vanderbuilt, founder

Who We Are

Bayside City is a Second Life role play community created by Meela Vanderbuilt originally in Second Life. Bayside spans across 4 regions and has expanded to GTA5 RP. The shared community creates a unique experience on both platforms, allowing gamers and Second Life residents to come together.

The Bayside City team is comprised of role players from both GTA5 and Second Life and growing. Join on Discord to learn about opportunities to get involved.

What We Do

Bayside City Second Life is a growing city equipped with residential properties, both public and private, allowing residents to choose their experience. On the GTA side, you'll find one of the most diverse servers with expansive options that appeal to all different types of role play. Our mission is to provide SL residents and GTA role players the opportunity to live, work, role play and build exciting stories in one place.

In addition to residential properties, Bayside Second Life welcomes both role play and for-profit businesses to begin their virtual enterprises in Bayside. GTA5 serves as a great resource to test out role play business practices before making the monetary investment in Second Life.

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The team behind Bayside City

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Reyna Carolina-Holiday

Bayside Admin SL & GTA

Arlenis Sosa

Bayside Admin - SL, Staff Manager

Amy Crime

Bayside RP Admin SL

Lucie Amelia

SL, The Monarchy Training

Amber Fox

SL, The Monarchy Social Media