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Bayside City is a community that connects the role play experience of Second Life and GTA5 role play.  Role players have the choice to build their character and develop their story in GTA RP, Second Life or both. 

In Second Life, you will find a city that spans over 4 regions with home and business rentals, dining options, city wide role play huds, hang out areas, regular events and lots of opportunities to build a life and make connections in and out of character.

In our GTA RP server, you will find a city with diverse options for players who want to build a role play career, establish a business, play out a rags to riches storyline, create or join a criminal organization, serve and protect the city and much more.  You'll find a huge variety of activities to keep you busy, meet other players and continuously develop a storyline.

The role play experience is shared. Start by registering your character.  Once registered your licensing, medical, criminal records will be available in both citifies.  Your training, certifications, educational history in either city will qualify you for roles on the police department, emergency services, real estate and more. 

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Getting Started in Bayside

Where do you want to begin?

Dive into all Bayside has to offer. Great views, meeting new friends, role play, job and business opportunities.  Bayside is an immersive role play and residential community open to all. Come and enjoy whether you role play or not.

Develop a character and story in GTA5. Bayside City is a diverse role play server with lots of options for leisure, career and criminal activity.
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Ready to completely immerse yourself into a new story? Bayside is a pleasant city on its surface with a few menacing surprises. Dive into role play!
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Want to start a scene in Second Life and finish in GTA? Meet a new person in GTA and go to dinner in SL? We have a shared role play experience to heighten your possibilities.

About Us

Building a Story Together

Whether you are here to role play or simply start a new experience for your Second Life, Bayside is the perfect destination to make your home.

You will find homes of all styles and for all budgets – lush condos, single’s pads, multi room chic spaces, and the eclectic apartments in Little Tokyo.

Bayside City, home to The Vanderbuilt, will keep you both entertained and relaxed.  Visit our rentals page for more information on available homes.

The Bayside City GTA5 RP server is perfect for those looking to join a family of serious role players who are passionate about building stories in an environment with a lot to keep you entertained.  Whether you are here for crime, career or to socialize, Bayside is a great server to call home.

You will have access to great character customization options, a wide variety of cars, homes, drugs, weapons and more to enhance your experience.


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GTA5 Jobs
Combined Role Players

Real World Inspiration

Bring Your Business Ideas to Life

Bayside City thrives off the creativity of our business leaders. Testing out role play business ideas in GTA then bringing them to SL, creates an immersive experience for our role players and profit potential for our business owners.

Coming soon…

Meet Our Content Creators

We’re fueled by the creativity of our residents and will continue to celebrate their talent and inspiration. Check out Bayside City streamers and content creators. Join us on Discord to be featured.