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Take a Part In The Bayside Community

Bayside City is a public role play community where you can also live, work and start businesses.  The role play in the city is divided into different sectors to allow people with various interests to connect and bring realism to the city.

You will find a city that spans over 4 regions - 3 inner city and one dedicated to skybox living.  The city houses home and business rentals, dining options, city wide role play huds, hang out areas, regular events and lots of opportunities to build a life and make connections in and out of character.

Our role play sectors include - High School, Medical, Police Department, Fire Department, Crime & Drug distribution, Commerce, Parks & Rec, Socialite/Celebrity, Family, Health & Wellness. These sectors were selected by role players and may change or grow upon request.

Everyone in the city is welcome to join the planning committee for any sector, by requesting the role in Discord. You can join others enthusiast about the role play to plan meet ups, events, decide how the sectors will operate in the city and more. If you're just interested in the role play, you can connect with other players in Discord or in the city!

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Getting Started in Bayside

Where do you want to begin?

Dive into all Bayside has to offer. Great views, meeting new friends, role play, job and business opportunities.  Bayside is an immersive role play and residential community open to all. Come and enjoy whether you role play or not.

Bayside City Second Life Destination Guide
The easiest way to find out what's going on and to get out there and meet people is to be attentive on Discord and/or our Role Play group in world. You want to know when businesses are opening, when people are throwing events or gathering and attend them!
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Every role play sector in Bayside is organized by sub committees. These are people who are dedicated to seeing this type of role play succeed. Go to the “Join a Committee” channel on Discord to select any committees you’d like to join and jump right in.
Career & business RP is a HUGE part of life in Bayside. This is a great way to pull people out to build connections and even earn some extra income for your Second Life needs or Bayside expenses.

About Us

Building a Story Together

Whether you are here to role play or simply start a new experience for your Second Life, Bayside is the perfect destination to make your home.

You will find homes of all styles and for all budgets – lush condos, single’s pads, multi room chic spaces, and the eclectic apartments in Little Tokyo.

Bayside City, home to The Vanderbuilt, will keep you both entertained and relaxed.  Visit our rentals page for more information on available homes.

Our role play community is dedicated to people who want to create stories, create content or simple utilize various role play systems in a social environment.

We welcome anyone with a passion for role play and socializing to stop by, hang out, get active or simply enjoy the views.  Increase your rank or status in the city by joining us on Discord.

No matter what your interests are, we have space for you here and if we don’t we always find ways to work it into the city. We truly want this to be a city that welcomes all types of interests.


Home Rentals
Business Rentals
Discord & RP Group Members
la Revienne Cafe - Bayside City Second Life

Real World Inspiration

Bring Your Business Ideas to Life

Bayside City thrives off the creativity of our business leaders. Testing out role play business ideas in GTA then bringing them to SL, creates an immersive experience for our role players and profit potential for our business owners.

Photographed: La Revienne Cafe located at the Onyx Rooftop (MyStory)

Meet Our Content Creators

We love the creativity of content creators – streamers, vloggers, bloggers who share role play content. We offer spaces for these creators to connect, collaborate and show of their Bayside role play on their favorite platforms. Apply for the creator role in Discord.