Join the Bayside Garden Club

Your Bayside Community Garden rental grants you access to the Bayside Garden Club. Club communication is in Discord. Simply submit a ticket with your Second Life Username, the name of your Garden plot and up to 2 guests. Connect with other garden enthusiasts, MyStory RPers, seed vendors, etc to plan meet ups, events, swaps and more! Join the Bayside City Discord here.

Sell Your Garden Supplies

Do you sell seeds, fertilizer or other products that will help bring residents' gardens to life? There are 2 booths available for those types of products. Please do not utilize these booths to sell produce. You can always sell your garden produce at ONYX Rooftop or farmer's markets.

Sell Your Produce

Want to get into business? Sell your produce directly to residents around the city, to businesses or rent a booth at the ONYX Rooftop.  Your garden rental gives you access to Baysde City commerce so choose your favorite method of sales. You'll also find food trucks, store spaces and market refrigerators around the city.  Keep your ears out for farmer's markets or plan your own with the Bayside Garden Club.


We are a charity focused on the CONSERVATION of African Wildlife by BUILDING the knowledge and awareness of the COMMUNITY around us


Passionately committed to protecting the future of African Wildlife, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come

Garden Club President

As the Bayside City Garden Club gets up and running, the club will elect a president who oversees all Club activities.

Events Chair

Aid the Garden Club in creating events for members, city-wide events to help members share/sell produce, and public and Club-only events at the Community Garden.

Media Relations

Assist with media and social coverage for Club activity and promotions.

Grounds Keeper

Help keep the Community Garden tidy. Ensure plots are up to standards, greet guests, share information about the club, work on site, help ensure renters have access to the Club.