About Bayside Patreon

Subscribing to Patreon is completely optional. For every Patreon feature we have, we also have options in the server that do not require any sort of subscription. We value everyone who chooses to role play in Bayside and what you all bring to making this such a great community. For those who are interested in additional support or investment or require additional customization, we have made our Patreon public.  This will allow us to continue to develop the server, help cover the monthly upkeep and technical costs, and allow for ongoing player support.

Our Patreon includes options for:

  • Businesses – We have Patreon level businesses and standard businesses. Players have the option to own a business, even if not subscribed. Patreon businesses include additional role play features, customization and control. Please review details on Tier 1 Businesses, Tier 2 Businesses, and Standard Businesses (no Patreon required).
  • Gangs – We allow gang leadership through Patreon. While gang life is a popular activity in GTA RP, the responsibility that comes with leadership is grand.  Gang activity impacts the entire server and we are entrusting the criminal activity in the server over to a select few individuals. Crews are still welcomed to operate in the city without a subscription as long as they abide by server rules but will need to be affiliated with a gang for access to the black market (drug sales, gang heists, additional weapons). Additionally, although gang leadership requires Patreon subscription, gang leaders will be expected to ensure their gang operates within server rules. Please review details on gang subscriptions.
  • General Support & Server Decisions – If you want to support the server and also weigh in on decisions about new features and even suggest features of your own, you will gain access to Patreon only channels in Discord and announcements through Patreon along with special recognition roles in Discord.
  • Coming Soon – We have a full library of one of one cars, Patreon-only housing/hang outs where you can park your character, throw parties, operate businesses, etc. We also have additional custom features and starter packs. We will announce updates in Discord as we roll them out.

We are committed to ensuring players who want to play without a subscription always have the opportunity for great role play while also creating a system for those who wish to invest.

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If you're hoping to operate a business in Bayside with full control of the RP, consider subscribing to purchase a Tier 1 or Tier 2 business.  Standard businesses in Bayside do not require any subscription. Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses have additional features such as employee management, custom menus/products and more to give you full control of your business.

Tier 1 Businesses or Tier 2 Businesses

Subscriptions also come with the ability to lead your own gang.  You'll make decisions on membership, roles, size and how you'll operate (within server rules).  You'll make the decisions when it comes to your gang's participation in heists and the black market. Small crews are allowed in the server without subscription but will only have access to gang features, such as the black market, by connecting to a gang which is up to that leader's discretion.

Details on Gang Leadership

Additional subscription levels that include custom cars, homes, starter packs are coming. Current subscriptions also include highlighted roles in Discord, Patreon only channels so you can be a part of server decisions, make requests/recommendations, and connect to help with any content or streaming needs you may have.

Coming Soon


General Support

Official Patron

If you're looking to contribute to the server but are not looking for any additional features. Your name will be listed as a donor on the website, if you choose.  You can input any amount when checking out.

Bayside Supporter

If you would like to gain access to Patreon-only channels to weigh in on server decisions, early announcements and submit requests.


Standard Businesses

These businesses do not require any Patreon subscription. You simply apply in game and go through the role play process of obtaining a business. Click here for a list of available standard businesses.

Business Tier 2

Tier 2 businesses come with options to allow you to operate your business as you'd like with a line of credit to help cover initial business expenses. Depending on the business, you may have products to sell for additional income.

Tier 1 Business/Gang

Tier 1 businesses come with additional custom features for enhanced role play, give you more control over the operation of your business and an additional line of credit.  Tier 1 subscriptions are also available for individuals interested in leading a gang.

Coming Soon

Custom One of One Vehicles

If you're in to cars and looking for exclusives, keep an eye out. They will be released soon. No in game purchase necessary.


We recognize the climb to the top isn't everyone's favorite role play. We will offer limited starter packs that will cater to those who start off on the lucky side of the economy. This will also give you additional customization options such as custom phone numbers, licenses, etc.


We're a growing server but as we near capacity, we will begin considering priority flights so you never have to struggle to fly into the server. Priority will also come with business/gang tiers.

Join us on Discord to submit a whitelist application if you are interested in serious role play.

In addition to joining a city with endless role play options, we host regular events to help drive your role play stories along, meet other residents and sometimes just a bit of game play.

If you are interested in joining as a dev or moderator, be sure to join and submit an application.

Click to join the Discord.