Are you ready to own a business in Bayside GTA?

Please submit a ticket before subscribing on Patreon to confirm the business you are interested in is available. You are welcomed to choose if you would like to go through the full RP business process of submitting a business plan to the Chamber of Commerce. If your business is not actively operated, you do risk losing the business. Ensure you are able to operate or hire staff that will operate before subscribing on Patreon. Should you need time away from RP or help finding employees to take your place in the event that you are away, be sure to communicate with server Admins.

Submit an application

Patreon business applications are available in the applications channel in Discord. Check the list of available businesses below to specify which business you are applying for and submit an application. We will review prior to you subscribing on Patreon to ensure the business you are interested in is available and that your plans for the business meet the needs of the server. We will also discus any customization options available.

Subscribe on Patreon

Once your application has been approved, subscribe on Patreon and a server admin or manager will help you get started and review all of the features of your business.

Secure Financing

Your character will still need a business permit and financing. All Patreon businesses are guaranteed approval for a loan to cover the cost of the business and will also be granted a savings account with a line of credit to assist with initial business costs.

Tier 1 Businesses Available

McDonalds – Postal 380

Club Maisonette10  – Postal 536

Tequilala (Rock Bar) – Postal 513

Skating Rink – Postal 355

LSC Mech Shop – Postal 529

Pearls Restaurant – Postal 612

Radio Pioneers Radio Station – Postal 931