Are you ready to own a business in Bayside GTA?

Start with an Application

Business applications are available in the applications channel in Discord. Check the list of available businesses below to specify which business you are applying for and submit an application with your plan for the business.

Await Review

The Bayside Chamber of Commerce will review your application to determine if you are qualified. You'll need to have a great business plan, some work history or a resume and some details about how often you will be able to operate the business.

Secure Financing

You will need to purchase both a business permit and your business. You can do this with your own funds or secure a loan from the bank once approved for your business permit.

Business Expectations

Businesses are part of the bedrock of any thriving community, so we are looking for dedicated, skilled, and creative role players who will have a vision for their business that goes beyond simple service-transactions. We expect that each business will creatively promote engagement (roleplay) within the community which also includes PD, EMS, Gangs, and other pre-existing businesses. 


Standard Businesses Available

Taco Shop – Postal 128 – Available Now – $150k

Bean Machine Coffee Shop – Postal 514 – Available Now – $150k

Billiards Bar – Postal 611 – Available Now – $200k

Hookah Lounge Downtown – Postal 399 – Available Now – $200k

Faith & Flower Bar & Restaurant – Postal 206 – Available Now – $200k

Bayside Cinema – Postal 575 – Available Now – $200k

Moseley’s Mechanic Shop – Coming Soon

Benny’s Mechanic Shop – Coming Soon

Owner Requirements for Standard Businesses

In order to be considered for a standard business in Bayside-GTA, an applicant must at minimum meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be residents of Bayside City – GTA for at least 3 real time weeks
  • Applicants must pass a criminal background check
  • Applicants must have a robust job history with a primary focus on front facing position(s) that interact with the public in a roleplay capacity. NPC jobs such as truck driving or deliveries do not count towards this requirement.
  • Applicants must be financially sound. Each applicant will undergo a thorough background and credit history check. Those with no or insufficient credit history will not be considered for business ownership. If financing is needed, a loan application must be submitted, and a pre-approval note obtained from the Bank for a business loan to be considered. Credit is built by purchasing vehicles, homes, obtaining loans, remaining in good standing, and avoiding repossessions. 
  • Applicants must complete a “New Business Owner” Consultation with the SAS Agency. Applicants will receive guidance on creating a business proposal and building a professional resume.  
    • The application packet must include a resume, a business proposal (via #Applications in Discord), and a pre-approval from PSB (if financing is sought)
  • If approval is granted, an applicant will have to agree to all terms proposed and then sign a Business Ownership Contract with City Leadership as a new business owner. Please note that failure to abide by the terms of this contract will result in the loss of the business. (Contract to include language on no-refunds, audits, ownership responsibilities/marketing/promotion/etc)


Financing will be available for all business types through Pacific Standard Bank. Bank staff review all loan applications and will issue a pre-approval to potential business owners.  As with all other loans through the Bank, borrowers will have a set loan term and will be expected to make payments over time. Defaulting on a business loan will lead to termination of business ownership contract and repossession of business. 

Registration & Business Permits

All businesses must be registered in CAD and an active business permit will be required for a business to remain in good standing. New owners may purchase permits from City Hall and ensure that they are being renewed on a timely basis. Failure to maintain licensure may result in disciplinary action to include termination of business ownership contract and repossession of business. 


Pricing will be an ongoing process for the life of this server! The more players we get, the more jobs, more opportunities we have, things will regularly fluctuate. Business prices and salaries may be adjusted.  

Quality Assurance & Compliance

The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) will investigate complaints, assure compliance of contract terms, and partner with the Bank to conduct financial audits. All business owners must agree to cooperate with the CoC as the oversight body for all businesses. Proposals for disciplinary action will be decided upon by the Board during hearings.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Businesses

For those looking to make additional contributions to the server, Bayside City also has Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses that incorporate additional customization and scripting aimed at enhancing role play. You can learn more about each by following the link below.

Tier 1 Businesses

Tier 2 Businesses