Welcome to Bayside!

We want to thank you for making Bayside your new home and we hope you enjoy it! Here are a few things to help you get started. Please remember ALL questions, inquiries, concerns must be sent to Zanevanderbuilt Resident (support bot). Please do not IM any staff/owners directly regarding rental concerns. Visit our FAQ page for more help.

  1. Join the group. Once you rent you will receive a group invite to Vanderbuilt Estates. Be sure to join the group. You need it to rez. If you miss the invitation, just click the rental box and select group invite.
  2. Need to add family, friends, decorators? Click your rental box then select tenants. Add anyone you’d like.  They will also need to join the group if they are wanting to rez. If they miss the invite, they’ll need to click the rental box. Keep in mind, prims rezzed from anyone on your tenant list will count against your prims.
  3. Have multiple Bayside rentals? Reach out to ZaneVanderbuilt prior to doing a prim count to have all of your rentals/prims consolidated.
  4. Vehicles –   Renters are welcomed to rez vehicles within your prim allowance.  Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces. if you have a driveway, you’re welcomed to rez vehicles on your property.  If you do not have a driveway, you can rent a weekly parking space or temporarily rez your vehicle for driving.  If you’d like to leave your car out for short term parking, you can rent an hourly parking space.  You must also follow parking guidelines around town if operating your vehicles. Unattended vehicles parked at expired meters will be returned.
    • If your home does not have a driveway, you will need to purchase a weekly parking space if you intend to leave your car out.
    • Public parking spaces are meant to be temporary and only one vehicle should be rezzed publicly at a time while your meter is active.
    • Hourly parking spaces will receive 2 free hours if 4 hours are rented.
  5. Earn a living – There are tons of ways to start an entrepreneurial endeavor in Bayside. The city was create for savy business thinkers who are creative self starters and we welcome you to earn a living in Bayside!
    • Get a job – there are several role play jobs around the city where applications are not necessary that will allow you to earn linden: Bayside Fitness, Bayside Medical, work for tips at Meela’s Cafe.  If you’re looking to work at The Vanderbuilt business – Faith & Flower or #LAB Gaming Bar and Lounge, you’ll find an application inside Faith & Flower.  Keep an eye out on other businesses opening that may have more job openings!
    • Offer a service – there are also great ways to earn a living for creative people offering a service.  There’s always demand for taxi drivers and free to use taxis around town (no license necessary, join the Bayside RP group).  If you have a license, you could offer professional driving services with your own vehicles, massage services, child care, catering, etc. All you need to do is get organized, figure out your rates, spread the word around town!
    • Start a business – if you’re looking for a professional set up, store front, etc there are commercial rentals around Bayside to use for your business needs.  Businesses that are creative, encourage role play and useful for Bayside residents and visitors are the most successful. Think about what you would want as a resident!
  6. Role Play– Be sure to join the Bayside Role Play group.  You’ll find lots of info on the Bayside backstory on this site but really dive in and make your own story.  Get out there, meet people, organize events or work a role play job to really get immersed.  There are various role play jobs around town – Bayside reporters, Bayside Medical receptionists, paramedics, medical professionals, Bayside Police, gas station clerks, Little Toyko food vendors, etc.  Get as creative as you’d like.

Click here to read the rental agreement. 

If you have any questions at all, please send an IM to Zanevanderbuilt Resident.  This is a bot that will notify our staff and someone will contact you as soon as they are able.

Have fun!