Welcome to Bayside Business!  We’re excited you’ve decided to start or expand your business in Bayside.  Here are a couple tips/resources to help you get started.

Upcoming Bayside Chamber of Commerce Events:

  • Thursday, June 3 12pm SLT. City Hall 2nd Floor training room. Chamber of Commerce meeting. Meet other business owners, get tips, share information about your business and learn about all of the Bayside services available to you as a business owner. You must have an active commercial rental to attend or be representing an existing business in Bayside. Uber/Delivery businesses/freelancers are welcomed to join.

  1. If you have multiple rentals in Bayside, be sure to IM Zanevanderbuilt Resident and request a prim/rental consolidation prior to doing a prim count.
  2. Marketing matters. Just like any business in the real world, your business success will rely on some marketing! Spread the word about town.
    1. Send your grand opening info to ZaneVanderbuilt resident at least 7 days prior to opening for an article in the Bayside Sun. If you do not need the article prior to opening, allow 7-10 days for publishing once submitted.
    2. Join the Bayside City Role Play group and engage with it. Anyone renting a store front or food truck is welcomed to send notices to the group. If you are interested, send a request to ZaneVanderbuilt Resident. You’re welcomed to send up to one notice per day
    3. Host events – give residents a reason to visit your location for either a grand opening event or regular events.
    4. Depending on the level of role play – offer specials to get people excited about your business.
    5. Join us on Discord. Post in the Bayside channels to make sure people know about your business and events. Click here to join
  3. Have a presence or hire employees.  Bring attention or role play to your place of business so city visitors and residents have a reason to interact at your location.
  4. Get involved with city-sponsored events or activities.
  5. Send a message or emote to the role play group when you’re on your way to your business so people know you are there, open and welcoming visitors.
  6. Try Xeolife.  The city of Bayside is Xeolife enabled and many visitors and residents use the role play system.  There are scripts available at the Xeolife store that can go into furniture or products. Find more information at Xeolife.

Food Businesses

Food brings Bayside residents together.  Many residents are using Xeolife or BeYou in town. If you’re operating a food business, it’s a great idea to sell Xeolife or Beyou products.  Bayside is a Xeolife enabled sim and Xeolife provides affiliate scripts to add to any products for sale.

Renting in the Market

If you have items for sale in the market and you’re interested in role play, spending time there working as a shopkeeper is a great way to bring attention to the market, break the ice and promote your products.  When you’re going in for your shift, be sure to send the Bayside City Role Play group a notice to let them know you’re open and ready for visitors!

Renting at Food Park Court

Ready to start your own food biz!? Set up camp and sell your Xeolife or Beyou products/food.  Or make it completely role play, up to you.  Just as any business, marketing is important. Participate in farmer’s markets, let the group know when you’re opening up shop, hire employees, host mini-events.


Restaurants provide lots of opportunity for role play and marketing! Bring attention to your space with special events, xeolife/beyou compatibility and actually spending time at your location or hiring staff too!  


Some Bayside residents love enjoying the taste of Bayside, directly from home. Anyone renting a home, business, market space or food truck in Bayside is welcomed to offer food delivery service directly from you or your employees.  Remember to operate a vehicle, you must be renting in Bayside, but you’re more than welcomed to use a bike.

Role Play Only Businesses

If you’re planning on operating a role play only business, remember presence matters! Spend time in your business, promote it to the role play group, host events regularly and make sure people know about them!

Non-Rental Businesses

There are business opportunities around Bayside for those who are not renting a commercial property. You have the option of working as a personal trainer or Bayside Medical Staff.  Visit the gym or clinic for more information.  Both locations will require you create a service card and rent an ad board to promote it.  We encourage you to make use of the Bayside City Role Play group to let others know when you are working or any special events you have planned.


These are primarily role play (unpaid) positions but if you are interested in driving a taxi or bus in Bayside, you can simply join the Bayside City Role Play group and use the bus or either taxi.  Remember, you must be a renter in Bayside to operate a vehicle and must abide by parking laws.  When you’re starting your shift, feel free to send the group a message to let them know you’re available and keep your eye on the group for any taxi calls that may come through.


  • Please do not spam the group – don’t send repeat messages or announcements. If you’re announcing a shift, limit the message to once per hour. Only one notice should be sent per day but you’re also welcomed to send IMs.
  • Keep an eye on the group for others who are interested in role play or potentially your service.
  • Meet people! Get out there, meet people when you can, spend time at your business and make it clear that people are welcomed to come and interact. Say hi when you run into people around the city.

Additional Resources

  • Create a community page for your business. Click here for an example.  To create your page: Register in the community section and then send the website username you create to Zanevanderbuilt resident in world.  Populate the page with important information about your business, keep it updated and use the link often in your notices or messages to Bayside.