Bayside welcomes role play and OOC businesses to commercial spaces. Businesses should fit within the theme of the sim (ie mesh furniture/decor etc) and feel realistic. Prior to renting, please ensure your business will match the look and feel of the space.

Please avoid large vendors that do not look like realistic stores.  For this location, your business should have the look and feel of a business that would actually exist in a city and with potential for role play, even if you are selling products.  ie, if you have a store – people shop in real life, maybe put in a register and dressing rooms to encourage role players to visit.

Items will also need to stay within the rental area and anything outside of the structure should not obstruct walking paths and it should also be aesthetically pleasing.

Bayside City also uses XeoLife actively. Any opportunities to incorporate XeoLife items or sitting areas would be greatly received!

If you have any questions about whether or not your business’ decor would be accepted, please message zanevanderbuilt resident prior to renting. This is a bot and a member of our staff will contact you.

If your business does not fit the aesthetic requirements of the sim, we will request changes. If changes are not possibly, the rental may be terminated.

IC businesses be sure to read role play tips.