About Bayside Mysteries

On hold until we get enough sign ups and someone joining the Bayside PD (join at the police station).
Welcome to Bayside… home of the – there’s some shit going down in this city isn’t there?  For a bit of fun, we’ll throw regular city wide mysteries that everyone can participate in.  We welcome everyone to attempt to find the culprit, however there will be 7 total suspects. 

How it Works

  1. If you’re interested in being a suspect, sign up below! Suspects are the only ones who will have some sort of relationship to the victims. Everyone else in town may know “rumored” things but you’ve never actually met or had a conversation with the victim. Each suspect will know the victim and have motive to kill them.
  2. Suspects will be given a card that details how you know the victim and what your potential motive is. Work this information into your role play.
  3. Suspects will also all be invited to role play events that put them in compromising situations, giving them opportunity to have committed the murder. 
  4. Throughout the entire game, clues will be given to the town that could potentially point fingers at any of the suspects.
  5. Suspects, we recommend you  make some alliances out there before things get deep.


  1. You will not know who the 7 suspects are. You’ll simply have to meet people through role play, get to know people and try to figure out if they knew the suspect, had an alibi, seem suspicious.  Are you going to rat your friend out or keep their secret? 
  2. The longer it takes for you to find the killer, the more bodies will pile up… you may be at risk.
  3. Keep an eye on the news, clues and what you’re hearing from people you meet.
  4. Police make final decisions on if they are going to charge a suspect. If you have evidence, you have the choice to submit to the police, call in tips, accuse someone of murder!
  5. There are risks associated with charging the wrong person of murder.
  6. Once a murder is committed, there will be a body somewhere in the city with instructions on what to do.


  1. Suspects are not to reveal your identity. Tell no one! Word can spread fast. Keep the secret.
  2. Suspects also shouldn’t try to come off as too innocent.  Raise suspicion, keep it fun! But, you totally have the option of accusing others… even if it is to point attention in another direction… awfully suspicious.
  3. Residents who are not suspects, please do not write into your stories or role play that you knew the victim(s). 
  4. Keep role play natural. Does it make sense for your character to go around asking people if they killed the vic? Do you have a warrant for that line of questioning, etc.

Things to Remember

I’ve organized my fair share of murder mysteries in SL but none of this scale with this many players. We are going to be learning together… there are bound to be hiccups or confusion. This is meant to be fun. No one is actually dead. Have fun, be nice to other players.

Sign up to be a Suspect

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