Find Work in Bayside

Bayside is a role play community and filled with businesses that have role play jobs or linden earning jobs.  Be sure to check the job type when applying.  Any Linden earning jobs will likely come with more requirements, an application/interview process and rules to abide by. If you are looking to be a leader at any of the role play locations, please keep an eye out for hiring alerts.  All jobs and applications are posted in Discord.

Currently in Classifieds.

Start Your Own Business

Looking for something more personal, have a great business idea or want to contribute to the Bayside Community? Starting a business may be a great choice! There are lots of commercial spaces in Bayside.  Keep an eye out for Chamber of Commerce meetings to meet other business owners and get tips and advice on how to improve your business endeavor in Bayside from Bayside City leadership.


  • We offer grants for not for profit, role play businesses to cover the rental costs of the business.  The opportunities will be advertised in Discord as they become available.


Submit Your Positions

If you are a business owner in Bayside hiring employees or welcoming role play jobs, please post to the classifieds channel in Discord.  Please indicate if it is a role play only position, tip position or salary and how residents should apply.  All registered business owners have access to a shared application in Discord.