Interested in joining the Bayside PD? Please read the following information and get started with your role play!

You need to join the Bayside PD group in world FIRST. There is a group join sign outside of the station.  Once you have joined, be sure to read this page.

  1. Bayside officers must be in uniform and wearing the Bayside PD group when on duty.  We do not currently have an official Bayside PD uniform. If we find there is interest in the department, we will make uniforms available.
    1. Your uniform should be all black.  There are police uniforms available on MP.  You are also welcomed to wear a black button up and black trousers. Shoes should also be closed toe and black.  We also recommend a gun, although not required.  Badges will be provided soon.
  2. You’re welcome to the patrol car outside of the station but this car must ALWAYS be returned to the station. Please do not leave it around the city. If you login and happen to see it out of place, please return it.
  3. Please remember this is a fun role play role.  Please do not take policing so serious that it makes the city unpleasant for anyone. You’re welcomed to respond to police calls to the Bayside Role Play group, patrol for unlicensed cars and ticket and just have a presence around the city.  Please stick to general role play rules.
  4. Please use the file cabinet in the office to make record of any arrests or disturbances.

The Station

The station consists of a waiting room, reception area, several offices, a training and a squad room.  Officers will primarily make use of the squad room, training room and reception office.  High ranking positions will be posted to the group.

Things to Do

Get as creative as you’d like. Many of you probably have more experience doing police work in SL than us so bring your expertise to the city. If this is brand new, connect with other officers.  You’re welcomed to create processes that make the experience enjoyable for you and communicate them.  However, remember to be respectful of other players.

  • Patrol the city
  • Respond to police calls – its also usually a good idea to send an emote to the role play group when you arrive to let them know you’re available for calls
  • Get involved in city wide mysteries
  • Host/attend officer trainings
  • Keep an eye on any prisoners
  • Spend time at the station

Bayside City is also becoming Xeolife enabled – creating a life simulation experience around the city.  The police station is equipped with Xeolife seating that will provide energy and cheer (they’ll also deplete hygiene – tough job!). You’ll also find things around the city for food, water, etc.

Once you have read this page, please send a message to Zanevanderbuilt in world requesting an officer title in the Bayside PD group. Please join the group FIRST.

Have Fun! Share any ideas you have with the department and keep an eye open for leadership positions, if interested.