Building Lasting Connections

Take a Part In The Bayside Community

May, 2020
Bayside City Opening Bloc Party
Bayside City Opening Bloc Party
Bayside City - 4:00 pm
Dec, 2020
Daily – Sunset Salutations – Beach Yoga
Daily – Sunset Salutations – Beach Yoga
Bayside City Beach - 6:00 pm
Dec, 2020
Wednesdays – Bayside Trojans Tennis Practice
Wednesdays – Bayside Trojans Tennis Practice
Tennis Court Pier - Bayside City - 3:00 pm
Dec, 2020
Daily – Happy Hour – Faith & Flower Bar
Daily – Happy Hour – Faith & Flower Bar
Faith & Flower Bar - Bayside City - 6:00 pm
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Getting Started in Bayside

Where do you want to begin?

Dive into all Bayside has to offer. Great views, meeting new friends, role play, job and business opportunities.  Bayside is an immersive role play and residential community open to all. Come and enjoy whether you role play or not.

Ready to make Bayside City your home? Browse our available rentals.
Ready to completely immerse yourself into a new story? Bayside is a pleasant city on its surface with a few menacing surprises. Dive into role play!
Bayside offers both completely role play jobs and business opportunities and also opportunities for those hoping to earn Lindens.

About Us

Building a Story Together

Whether you are here to role play or simply start a new experience for your Second Life, Bayside is the perfect destination to make your home.

You will find homes of all styles and for all budgets – lush condos, single’s pads, multi room chic spaces, and the eclectic apartments in Little Tokyo.

Bayside City, home to The Vanderbuilt, will keep you both entertained and relaxed.  Visit our rentals page for more information on available homes.

Bayside City is home to many businesses including, The Vanderbuilt.  The Vanderbuilt is home to Faith & Flower Restaurant and Bar, Aroma Cafe, #LAB Bar & Lounge, Perch Beyou Restaurant & Lounge, and SLBNB.  The space is fully equipped with dining options, VIP seating, dinner party options, BeYou, buffet and more.

You’ll also find independently owned businesses around the city, included role play locations, additional dining options, a thrift store, pet shop and role play tattoo parlor offering custom tattoos.

Residential Homes
Business Properties
Discord & RP Members

Real World Inspiration

Bring Your Business Ideas to Life

We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration and discovery. A place where story tellers and entrepreneurs can come together to create a lasting virtual experience for residents and role players alike.

Coming soon…

Bayside Art Crawl

We’re fueled by the creativity of our residents and will continue to celebrate their talent and inspiration. Art Crawl is coming soon to Bayside to celebrate various artists and the artists in our City.