Want to work at Bayside Medical? Detailed instructions below. We invite those interested in role playing doctors, nurses, receptionists, counselors, and paramedics to come work at Bayside. We're looking for people who can get into character and keep the residents of Bayside healthy. Simply join the group and apply for a title below.

Can't get rid of a persistent cough? Sustained an injury? Pregnant!? Stop by Bayside Medical to stay on top of your health and connect with a doctor for regular physicals and appointments.  We are dedicated to keeping Bayside happy and healthy.

Our luxe in-patient treatment will ensure you are feeling better in no time. We know being hospitalized can be stressful so we are dedicating to ensuring you as much comfort as possible. Our in-patient treatment options will ensure you are back on your feet in no time!


Physicals & Check Ups

You should see a physician regularly to avoid any medical complications. Check in with reception to schedule time with a Bayside doctor.

Pregnancy Services

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Bayside Medical offers general pregnancy role play and advanced packages to truly bring your virtual pregnancy to life. We encourage doctors and nurses familiar with SL pregnancy to join our practice!

In-Patient Services

Does your medical treatment require in-patient service? Do you need somewhere comfortable to bond with your baby after birth? Bayside Medical has in-patient services to make your stay comfortable.


Our talented counselors are just an appointment away. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health here at Bayside Medical. (Please note, these are role play services. Bayside Medical is not offering real virtual therapy).


Bayside Medical is currently looking for a BeYou doctor to join the practice and begin treating you for all of your BeYou medical needs.


We understand emergencies happen. Our paramedics are equipped to ensure your health and safety before getting you to Bayside for any additional treatment necessary.


Starting a career at Bayside Medical is easy. Simply join the group Bayside Medical in world. You will find a group joiner inside of the clinic. Spend some time deciding on a career path and equip yourself with whatever you need to make a lasting role play experience. Read the notecard at the clinic and follow the instructions. No interview is required.

Please wear appropriate medical clothing for your position.

You are welcomed to login to a tip jar in the office.  Please set your rates and include those in your board in the clinic. You will find suggested rates. There are also services covered by Bayside Health Insurance that should be offered free to visitors. Please review those services in world.

If you offer additional enhanced packages, please detail those here and be prepared to create a notecard in world detailing your services. We are more than happy to welcome any business endeavors but want to ensure the basic role play needs of the city are met. As more doctors join the practice, we may create a standard pricing structure for additional services based on all of your rates.