Welcome to The Bayside City Sun! We are happy to have you.  Below are a few guidelines and reminders. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Zanevanderbuilt via IM and we’ll touch base as soon as we can.

Before you get started:

  1. Please navigate to your profile and upload a photo of yourself. Make sure its a PG photo that represents you well as a reporter. This will be used on our staff page.  Access your profile either from the website in the upper right corner or in the dashboard.
  2. Create a quick blurb about yourself and add it to your biographical info. Include the topic(s) you write about and contact details if someone has a tip for you.
  3. Publish your first article.
    • All articles should be at least 250-300 words.  There is currently no maximum on word count
    • All articles must have a featured image set
    • Please do not create new categories but select a category most relevant to your post. As more articles are posted, we will begin to diversify categories
    • Add any relevant tags that would allow viewers to follow your stories.  This is not for SEO. Each tag will create a URL that readers can view. Good tags would be your name, general tag for the story – ie Melrose Robber – if you were creating stories that follow that, etc.  If you’re reporting on a business, you want to be sure to use the business tag as a name.

Things to keep in mind

  • Be sure to always proof read and catch any spelling or grammatical errors
  • The majority of are articles are short form and easy to read
  • Separate bulky paragraphs
  • When referring to Bayside, attempt to use Bayside City whenever possible
  • If referring to The Monarchy, be sure ‘The’ is capitalized
  • All stories should be about Bayside City, Bayside residents, Bayside businesses, things happening in Bayside.  Please avoid any general articles. You’ll always need to have a strong, clear connection to Bayside.
  • All images should be high quality and clear. Please do not upload images larger than 1028p.
  • Try to diversify your stories as much as possible.  Get to know people and places and the city.
  • We are currently asking you submit at least 1 article every 2 weeks to remain active and with posting abilities.  Please, submit more if you are interested and able. If you’re not able to post the minimum, just shoot Zanevanderbuilt resident a message.
  • You’re welcomed to report at The Monarchy but please, refrain from sharing any information about guests.  Interviews with girls, etc are welcomed with their permission.
  • Chat in with the Bayside City groups to let them know you’ve published a new article.
  • Please do not edit anyone else’s article unless you’ve been asked

Have fun finding your stories!