Are you ready to join our cast?

Selling Bayside will follow the work and social lives of 4-6 Vanderbuilt Realty employees.  For 5 weeks, the cast will live together, work together, socialize together while proving, not only to each other, but to all of Second Life, that they are the best at what they do. If you’re talented, hard working and a hustler… with a flair for a bit of drama then apply to join the cast!

Castmates will join Meela Vanderbuilt in the Vanderbuilt Hype House to film for 5 weeks. The show will be edited and released on YouTube.

Show Requirements

  • For 5 weeks, you will be provided room & board and expected to live with cast members. You are welcomed to have any guests you’d like but will be expected to be in Bayside during film schedule times
  • The show will only be filmed in Bayside City & locations approved in advance
  • You will be expected to get to know your castmates and utilize the full city to socialize
  • Cast members will be utilizing the role play system XeoLife
  • You must have access to a computer with high quality graphics, as you may be required to film unedited confessionals and submit to producers
  • You may be required to film any meet ups or conversations with other castmates or while working for Vanderbuilt Realty
  • You must have a high-quality avatar
  • You will be expected to wear trendy yet professional clothing while working and clothing that does not expose any nudity while filming
  • You must remain employed by Vanderbuilt Realty to continue the show
  • You will be expected to work in office for specific shifts for filming

Cast Requirements

  • Must have compatible availability – we will cast the strongest candidates with the most compatible schedules. Please provide as many details about your availability as possible. Be specific with dates, times, days, anticipated changes. If your schedule does not work during filming, you may be recast.
  • Must have the ability to capture video and high-quality graphics
  • Must be willing to share details about your Second Life on camera
  • Content creators (video/streamers/photo) preferred but not required
  • Should have experience in SL real estate, interior design or event planning. Depending on the strength of your application, you may be considered with no experience
  • You will be interviewed for the show and job on camera
  • You should be energetic with an outgoing personality
  • You must be able to voice throughout the duration of the show
  • You should be eager to get to know your castmates
  • You must be willing to live in the show house for the duration of filming

Vanderbuilt Realty Job Duties

As a cast member, you will be employed by Vanderbuilt Realty. You will work as a realtor or stager (interior designer) or both. Work is commission based and you will be paid for successful transactions from selling homes, vacation rentals and/or interior design jobs.  You will be expected to be creative, may be required to host open houses, broker opens, etc.

The nature of the business and show create a competitive environment. Listings will be assigned to agents based on performance. Commissions will be tracked and shared. High performing agents will receive additional perks throughout the season.  You should be hard working and competitive.

Casting preference will be given to realtors with some interior design skill.


Want to Be a Show Producer?

Producers are at the heart of any reality show. Looking for passionate producers eager to help push storylines forward!

Want to get involved behind the scenes of Selling Bayside. We’re looking for producers and production assistants. 


Producers will be assigned specific cast members. Your goal is to get your cast member the most amount of air time. You will have access to raw footage to review and help direct your cast member in their scenes and help push their storylines forward.  You’ll ensure they attend any necessary show events or scenes that will help develop their story and screen time.  You may be required to assist with filming your cast member occasionally.

Production Assistants

You will assist with the general production of the show.  Responsibilities may include scheduling, making reservations, preparing sets, coordinating filming, assisting with social media, assisting producers, etc.