Respect All Residents & Visitors

Role play in Bayside city is optional but if you decide to join our role play, please abide by basic role play rules and respect our environment.
  1. Everyone at Bayside may not be role playing. Please try to wear a role play group tag to help other residents know you are open to role play. Waving or smiling never hurt anybody if you’re unsure if someone is open to RP!
  2. Respect different role play methods. We are not enforcing one particular role play style over another. If you do not like someone’s method of role play, we encourage you find others who match your role play style to role play with.

Respect Fellow Role Players

  1. Turn based role play is encouraged. While we are not enforcing one particular style over another, it’s still best practice to allow everyone in a scene the chance to have their voice heard.
  2. Stay in character (IC) while role playing and make use of brackets (( like this )) if going out of character (OOC). Try to limit the about OOC chat when in a scene.
  3. Be sure to communicate any limits with others you’re role playing with if the scene may cross your limits. We encourage you to do this via IMs.
  4. Always negotiate OOC via IM if you plan on entering someone’s home unless you are invited.
  5. No godmodding, powergaming, metagaming:
    1. Godmodding: You can only emote your own actions and not the actions of another role player. ie, if Sally slaps John – she can only emote that’s she’s extended her arm to slap John. It will be up to John if the slap lands on him and how he reacts, both physically and through dialogue.
    2. Powergaming: Do not make your character above consequences. No one is an all powerful being and this is no fun to play with.
    3. Metagaming: You cannot use information obtained OOC for role play. ie: you cammed into someone’s house and noticed a dead body – you can’t use this in role play since your character did not actually find it. Only information gained within role play can be used in role play.
  6. Use other common role play etiquette
    1. Try not to abruptly leave a scene. Use OOC if you need to make a sudden exit or write yourself out of the scene IC.
    2. No one knows and can do everything under the sun. Be a fair player
    3. Open yourself up to consequences
  7. Respect different points of view. Just because there are hints of the supernatural in Bayside’s backstory, this does not mean everyone has to accept that, just as in real life.  There also may be characters who very strongly oppose. You may find witches, witch hunters, religious groups, anarchists, residents without any sort of spiritual or supernatural aspect to their role play. Just because you want to rp a witch, for example, doesn’t mean everyone in the city even believes they exist.