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Natalie was born and raised in the mean St. Louis Missouri. Ever since she was a kid she’s always been very creative and good at anything she’s ever put her mind on. In school it was discovered that She was very advanced and was very good at many different artistic mediums. While watching her mother cook for the family, Natalie grew a love for cooking and eventually took over for her mom and became the main cook for all the family’s events and holiday meals. Because she was so good at cooking Natalie tried her hand at culinary school and quickly advanced thought the program. While in school she developed a love for baking and pastry designs and was delegated to create the deserts for many of the schools events and functions. After graduating school with her culinary arts degree she decided to move to the city to open business and build a solid foundation so she could move the rest of her family away from the violence in St. Louis, and give them everything they always deserved.

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