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About Me

Name: Erikah

Nickname: Ekay

Age: 28

Education: College Dropout

What Degree were you pursuing in College?

Business. I plan to finish in the fall..

Children: Raising my Baby Brother

Marital Status: Single

Salty or Sweet?  Both

Hobbies :  Haven't Discovered them yet

Skills: Baking,Cooking,Caregiving

Favorite color to wear:


Favorite color in general: Orange

Favorite Food:

Mmm,that's a hard one, I like so many..

Favorite Dessert:

I would say Donuts,Cakes,Brownies

What's the Best quality you can find in the friend?


What's the best quality you can find in a soul mate?

Willingness to Forgive

Hope for children?

I hope so .. much much later I have my hands full with EJ.

Favorite Music Genre?

Hip-Hop,R&B,Punk Rock,Smoothe Jazz,Neo-Soul

Favorite quote?

"The wound is the place the light enters you"- Rumi