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Fallon Vanderbuilt

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Fallon's parents decided they want to travel the world and her last year of high school would be better spent with her leaving her sheltered bubble. They sent her to live with her Aunt Meela and enrolled her at a completely new school, Bayside High. The posh princess couldn't imagine going to public school but even worse, her mother told Meela how spoiled she had become and they both decided she would have to find a job and actually pay for all of her non-essentials herself. So here she is – waiting for school to start and desperately trying to find a job in the city and hopefully make some friends,

Favorite Place to Hang Out in Bayside

Bayside High & Onyx Roof Top

Character's Bayside Occupation

Student, Unemployed

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Fallon Vanderbuilt

Bayside High Student