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Monasia Brown

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Monasia Brown an independent 27 year old woman who’s lived a troubled life and tends to keep to herself. Her up bringing was very unstable she hardly knew her parents and was moved around from home to home with estranged relatives and friends; but as a little girl she always wanted to be famous,be rich ,travel the world and feel special. She always looked up to powerful women on TV such as Dianne Carol and Pam Grier; but as she grew up she would find herself getting into trouble running with the wrong crowd and being a lady of the night to make ends meet and survive. She did however became wealthy and owned two of the most profitable cocaine rigs in Paleto Bay with her then estranged boyfriend but he sold her out after getting caught by law enforcement giving him a chance to live in witness protection if he gave me up and our operation. Law enforcement busted her ring just when she was gettin on her feet. She had to flee all while becoming jaded and not being able to trust anyone. She stumble her way to a place called Bayside to start a new life maybe even pursue her dreams to become famous whether it be for acting singing or a world renown couple counselor but unknowing how to even get started she may go into old habits only time will tell.

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