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Sonoran CAD

What is Sonoran CAD and why do I have to register?

Sonoran CAD is a state of the art, cross-platform, computer-automated dispatching and records management system for gaming communities. This program stores all data for each character created to assist the vital jobs in this city with record management.

Getting Started

-Option 1: download the Sonoran Client application for your desktop:

-Option 2: visit Sonoran on your browser: (Recommended)

-Option 3: While In-Game type t/showcad

Registering in the CAD

-Create a account within the Sonoran Cad application or desktop site.
-Verify the email that you used for your login.
-Once you have verified your account, head back to the Sonoran Client and login. Be sure to check stay logged in.
-Click join community and type in: BAYSIDE
-Once you have joined the community there will be a section named permission key please enter: civ
-In the top left corner of your CAD there will be three horizontal lines next to The Ville RP click them.
-Go down to Settings, scroll down until you see API ID.
-Click New and enter the API ID that is provided for you In-Game within the message at the top of your screen. (i.e. 11000XX)
-Once you have done this return to your CAD by finding the three horizontal lines and selecting Community Menu.
-Click on Civilian , proceed to add the information about your character by selecting New Character. Be Sure to Save.

Now you just need to type t/verifycad in game and your all set!

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