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Quick Start Guide

Customizing Your Character

Character creation must be completed in both a clothing store and a barber shop. When you land, you will be at the airport, which houses both.  If you are not your desired gender, it is recommended to first visit the barber shop, click the “ped” tab and change the character number.  This will toggle genders.

The barber shop allows you to:

  • Change your face and skin
  • Adjust sliders to modify your facial features
  • Change your hair, makeup, customizations such as freckles, blemishes, etc

The clothing store allows you to:

  • Change your clothes, hair, accessories

Stock Up & Keep Safe

Once you have completed your character, visit the convenience store also located in the airport. Here, you can purchase a phone and food items.  You need food and beverages to avoid a visit to the hospital.  Hospital bills are incredibly high in Bayside so do what you can to stay alive.

You will also notice you are carrying a lot of cash.  Thanks to the wonderfully, totally not corrupt, Bayside government you are starting your life with a stimulus. You will find money in your bank and you will have cash on you. We recommend not walking around with that much cash. If you are robbed, there’s no way to get it back… unless of course, you go for it.

Anywho, be wise with your money. Once its gone its gone and your hustle truly begins.


There are things you need in Bayside to function as a normal citizen: a license if you want to drive, a job unless you want to starve, housing

This is an ordered list

  1. Driver and motorcycle Licenses are acquired at the DMV.  As we are a growing server offices around the city are not open 24/7 so please keep an eye on OOC chat in Discord, Twitter in game or Yellow Pages in game to know when they are open. You will be required to take a road test. If you fail your test, you will be given a permit to drive with a licensed driver and the opportunity to retake after 7 days. Definitely brush up on the rules of the road.  You can also register any purchased vehicles here. Failure to register a vehicle can get you into some expensive trouble with PD so do not forget!
  2. Weapons licenses are acquired through PD. Visit a station or keep an eye out for licensing times.  Do not purchase the weapons license from the menu when you are buying your driver’s license. It is not valid and both your $10k license and $10k weapon will be removed if you choose to indulge in this exploit. We cannot remove the weapons license from the DMV menu but just like licenses, the menu license is not what we use for validation. You must be properly licensed in CAD, which only PD and DMV can do.  Don’t skip the process. It’ll just waste your time and money… and quite possibly lead to a ban for continuous exploits. uh oh.
  3. Get a job... or don’t. Up to you. Bayside is very much a capitalist city. It’s nice and peachy now but there is some class disparity. The economy has been configured to be close to realistic.  Its not a 1:1 situation. Its not as impossible to transcend classes but be prepared to struggle. If your goal is just to stack on cash easily and pay for nothing, you will be wildly disappointed.  As a new citizen, you’ll very likely only qualify for entry level positions unless you go to university (still a work in progress), however to pay for university you’ll have to have a job. Sorry to burst any trust fund dreams you had, I mean you could always get a trust fund through our patreon if you neeeed it.

    If you don’t have any employment connects and don’t feel like hitting the pavement trying to find work, there is a staffing agency located at 389. You can go in and get a ready to go job: taxi driving, trucker, GoPostal or gotur (kinda like uber eats) or you can connect with an employee to get something better. SA Staffing currently is the only place that can get you a job at the agency (where you also get paid for recruiting ppl to jobs or to the city), DMV, hospital, PD, the univerity, city hall: judges, lawyers, etc. You can also seek work at player owned businesses. If they work with SA Staffing for employment they’ll send you there or they’ll let you know instructions on applying.

  4. Get a car. If you want one. There are also taxis and buses if you want to save your money.  There is a PDM located at postal 200. Don’t forget you have to register it, insurance will be coming soon so insure it.  Drive responsibly bc traffic citations are no joke, esp when they come from PD.  You’ll also be responsible for repairs. If you park your car in a garage, remember it comes out however you put it in. No magic repairs in Bayside. Your car will also let you know all of its maintenance needs. These things can get pricy. Opt for a taxi sometimes. The drivers are pretty cool.
  5. Get a home. Much like everything in life, you don’t always get to start with your dream.  There are areas with low barriers for entry ie the southside, paleto bay, sandy shores where you don’t need great credit history to rent.  However, anywhere else in the city you’re going to need proof of income, rental history and sometimes a background check.  So I’d recommend getting a low cost home to start with so when you’re ready to move on up… you actually qualify.  Keep an eye on real estate announcements in Discord and yellow pages. Attend an open house or set up a meeting.  Realtors are going to try to sell you the home of your dream but the bank has the last word.

Well that’s a good start. Go figure out the rest and have fun!

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