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Phrases and Language we use in the City

IC and OOC – In Character and Out Of Character

Head Popped – Crashed / Game closed

Headache – lag or about to crash

In my head – In real life or AFK ( Away from Keyboard)

Flying in or out – Coming and going in the city/logging in

City – Server

Ped/ Locals – Pedestrian Local or NPC

Flex your muscle – Press the key “ Flex your x muscle” = press the x key

Cough drop – Your mic is cutting up or fuzzy/ You sound like a robot

In my eyes – On my screen

Voicebox – Mic

Ears – Headphones/ headset 

Tsunami – Server restarting

Barber Shop – Salon or Plastic surgery– all names for places to fix your hair or fix your features

St Lucia – Secondlife – SL

Pockets/ Belt – Inventory where your items are held

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