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Nurses/EMS (female)

  • Jacket – 250, color 1
  • Pants 34 (for smaller lower body find a comparable dress pant in dark blue)
  • arms/gloves 109
  • Shoes – Nurses: 90 Paramedics:
  • Necklaces 96
  • Masks: 101

Nurses/EMS (male) – TBD

Doctors – TBD

Clock in

  • Visit the hospital and clock in behind the front desk
    • 10-41 on duty
    • 10-42 off duty
  • Sign into CAD – select EMS, ensure status is set to available
  • Wear the proper uniform
  • Visit Staff only Closet for
    • Be sure to have a radio, set to station: 2
    • First aid kit, gauze, bandages
  • Make use of your F3 menu for medical options

*Only take drugs when you need to send a patient to the pharmacy. Do not carry extra drugs on you

*Only take tests when you need to administer a test

Clocking Out

1. Show unavailable in Sonoran CAD.
2. Call in [Unit Name] 10-42 over in game radio and in dispatch discord.
3. Change out of uniform and return duty vehicle to prescribed location.
4. Clock out using the menu behind the reception desk

Treating Patients

You will receive life alerts periodically.  EMS can attempt to immediately go to the location. Citizens are also instructed to call /911 for assistance.  all emergency calls seeking medical attention must be responded to.  Communicate amongst staff who will report to the scene.

  • If you see a 911 or 311 call in need of medical help, please respond using t/ooc that you are en route so the player knows to wait
  • Patients who are treated on scene should be charged $10,000 by using t/invoices
  • You must also create a medical report in CAD (this can also be completed once you are back to the hospital)
  • Once you have healed the patient, they need to be transported to the hospital for a full examination by a doctor, nurse or ems if none are available

If patients choose not to call for emergency help and go to the hospital instead, they should be treated free of charge. Bayside Health Insurance covers emergency medical visits.  Receptionists should create their record in CAD. If no receptionist is available, who ever is treating the patient must enter the record

  • Ask the patient the severity of their injury. Find a role play way to acquire this information.
  • If they are close to respawn, heal them immediately.
  • Otherwise, rush them to a room, heal them and then continue the role play based on the severity of the injury. ie: if they were in a car accident and you suspect broken bones – proceed to do x-rays. If they were very severely injured, check them into a hospital room upstairs.
  • If you need to provide any medication/tests, you or a nurse should visit the supply closet for any types of shots etc
  • If a doctor is writing a prescription, advise the patient to visit the pharmacy, add a record in CAD for the prescription. If a pharmacist is not available, meet the patient at the pharmacy to provide their prescription
  • If a patient has been checked out of emergency or a hospital stay, attempt to schedule a follow-up appointment with a doctor

Hospital Costs

  • Patients checks themselves in or respawn, they will automatically be charged $40,000
  • Patients receive EMS services on scene, they will be invoiced $10,000 by a medical professional
  • Patients visit the hospital to be treated by a medical professionals, free of charge
  • Patients are admitted to a hospital room for an extended stay – 2+ days – $5,000

Typical Hospital Stay

1 Day = 1 real life hour

  • Severe accidents – 2-3 days
  • Burns 1 – 2 days
  • Gun shot victims 1 – 2 days
  • Surgery recovery 2 – 3 days
  • Minor accidents but reports of dizziness – 1-2 days

Nurses & doctors can make these decisions on an ongoing basis. These are just recommendations.

Emergency Vehicles

sv 1 = “2019 Chevy Tahoe” (Paramedic Use)
sv 2 = “Charger EMS” (Doctors Use Only)
sv 3 = “Taurus EMS” (Nurse Use Only)
sv 4 = “Explorer EMS” (Paramedic Use)
sv 5 = “Silverado EMS” (Paramedic Use)
sv 6 = “Ambulance EMS” (Paramedic Use)
sv 13 = “Stretcher For Ambulance”
sv 14 = “Wheelchair” (edited)


  • To clear your map of life alerts use t/cd.  Be sure to do this only after any active calls have been addressed
  • Doctors/nurses must send out tweets, yellow pages updates and an OOC message when you are opening the hospital.
  • In addition to medical services, let people know they can visit you for physical exams, vaccinations, general testing, any additional services you’d like to offer, etc
  • T/extra will clear the gurney from the ambulance and open the side and back doors.
  • To open doors – Press F3 while in the truck/ambulance


  1. Please only come to work in the appropriate uniform
  2. Reserve all eating and drinking for the break room. Never eat in an exam or surgical room
  3. Park in the garage. You can use the elevator to access the hospital
    1. You are required to work a minimum of 4 hours per week
      • You have a full-time salaried job. Only accept this job if you enjoy and are committed to the role. You should be available to work for some time whenever you are in the city.
      • Any time you are in the city and not actively on duty, you are still on call and may be requested.  Days/times off will be managed by your director and requesting you work during those days/times will be avoided as much as possible. Mount Zonah values work life balance!
  4. When you are working a shift, be sure to communicate that you are on duty via Twitter, Yellow pages or OOC chat in Discord.
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