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How to Start a Business

There are 2 types of businesses in Bayside – independent and brick and mortar.

Independent businesses are essentially freelance. These are services that your character may offer that is not associated with a business with a physical location.  You are required to have a business permit to operate these businesses.  Acquire a permit by filling out an application in the applications channel.  The chamber of Commerce will contact you in game and enter your permit into CAD.

Businesses associated with a physical location require a permit and you will be given the job code for the business.  There is no technical way to have 2 job codes so if you work somewhere else and also want a business, you’ll need a manager.  This manager will have full control of your business so make these decisions carefully.  Physical business locations are limited to what we have purchased for the server and installed (business are purchased by the server owner so we need to confirm you are committed to operating this business).  We need to understand your plan for the business and that you are willing to put the effort in to make this an interesting outlet for role play.

You must submit an application in the applications channel in Discord.  You will then meet with the chamber of commerce to review how the business works, how menus work, what your operational days/hours will be and be given the job code.

You need to have some work history that has contributed to role play for at least 2 weeks to qualify. If your only job has been something that has no interaction with other players, you will not qualify. SA Staffing will need to confirm your job history. We recommend requesting a resume to expediate the work history confirmation process.

If you have a Patreon business, you can choose if you want to go through the RP process. You will not be required to meet with the chamber of commerce prove work history once your application is approved. Admins will provide your job code and give you a brief tour of the business if there is not a video tour available.

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