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How to Get Involved in Crime

There are various criminal opportunities in the city. Cartel, gangs and petty crime.

Petty Crime

  • Robbing locals, robbing convenience stores (if the shop keep shows up for work – they tend to skip a shift when PD isn’t around), illegal truck deliveries
  • Anyone in the city can do petty crimes at any point. Robberies have a cool down period.  Convenience stores and illegal truck deliveries require an officer to be online

Gang Crime

  • Selling drugs, player robberies/kidnappings (must be within guidelines), and heists – bank robberies, jewelry heists, etc – typically requires hostages
  • You will need to be in a gang or associated with a gang for access

Cartel Crime

  • Control of the black market, assassinations, kidnappings, large quantity drug sales, organized crime
  • You will need to be recruited by the cartel


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