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How to Get a License

Driver’s License

You can obtain a license at City Hall.  The DMV will assist with a road test before providing your license.  DMV can currently assist with driver’s licenses and commercial driver’s licenses. Keep an eye on OOC Chat in Discord for DMV opening times. Things to keep in mind before your test:

  1. Be sure to register in CAD. If you need help a DMV examiner can assist you
  2. Speed limit in the city is 40 mph
  3. We treat red lights like stop signs, be sure to come to a full stop and then proceed. You do not need to wait for the full light unless cars are blocking you from passing safely. If you would hit a car or jump the curb, you should wait.
  4. Buckle up! (press B)
  5. The “-” key on your number pad will turn your engine on and off
  6. The “-” and “+” on the top of your keyboard will allow you to signal left and right
  7. If you plan on doing any deliveries or using commercial vehicles in the city, you are required to hold a valid CDL & driver’s license.
  8. Driver’s Licenses cost $500, CDLs cost $25,000
  9. Any vehicle you purchase must be registered at the DMV.  Vehicle registration costs $4,500 per vehicle.

Once you have passed your road test, a license will be created for you in CAD.  You will then be instructed to take your photo (aka purchase your GTA license from the menu).  Only purchase your driver’s license. If you purchase any other license, it will be removed and you will waste your character’s money.  Weapons and hunting licenses are administered through PD.

Weapon & Hunting Licenses

Go to City Hall. If there is no representative at the front desk, a DMV examiner can book a time with PD for your weapon’s license. Advise them you are looking for a weapons or hunting license, if PD is available you will be scheduled immediately. If not, they will coordinate a time with you.

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