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How to Get a Job

The Bayside economy is the heart of the city and everyone is expected to contribute.  When you fly in, you are unemployed and receiving a $20 welfare check.

To get a job, visit the job center to work as a taxi driver, truck driver, or GoPostal.

  • Once you have a taxi job, go to Downtown Cab Co every time you would like to work a shift, located at postal 408 and then use your taxi app. Its a good idea to promote your service via twitter and yellow pages. Be unique to bring attention to yourself and be memorable on your rides to begin building a rapport with residents. You can also go into NPC mode to drive NPCs around.
  • Once you have the truck driver job, visit postal 18 to continue.
  • Once you have the GoPostal job, visit GoPostal at 390

For other positions in the city, check the classifieds channel in Discord or visit SA Staffing Agency.

  • If you would like to be PD or EMS, apply in the applications channel in Discord.
  • If the job you are interested in is listed in classifieds, apply in the applications channel in Discord
  • If you do not know what you want to do, visit SA Staffing to discuss your interests or get a temp job.

Reminders – you receive a paycheck every 10 minutes you are in the city. You should make sure you are spending some of your time in the city working. If you are not active in your position for several weeks, it will be removed.

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