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How to Create Your Character

When you fly in for the first time, exit the initial character creation menu by hitting ESC then save and hitting ESC then save again.

  1. Go down the steps to the clothing store on the right.
  2. Go to the dressing room and open that menu.
  3. Click PED and change Man to 1 for a male character or female to 1 for a female character.
  4. Then change clothes.
  5. Next, go next door to the barbershop to change your facial features.
  6. Upon completion of your character, head the the last shop on the right to buy a phone and a few snacks to keep your hunger and thirst at ease. Next, head out to call a taxi or catch the bus to your next destination in Bayside City. (DO NOT GO TO THE PLANE MARKER. IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE ISLAND)


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