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Apply for EMS/PD/Dispatch

General Information

Mount Zonah, PD and Dispatch positions are managed by San Andreas Staffing.  Please submit an application via Discord and a recruiter will reach out. You can also visit San Andreas Staffing at any point to inquire about available positions or set up an interview with a recruiter!

PD Positions Available

  • Chief of Police – Responsible for managing PD staff – ensuring the station opens regularly for licensing, resident concerns, oversee any arrests.  Responsible for active patrol and managing officer schedules to ensure officers are regularly patrolling and available for calls.  You will also be responsible for reviewing any unpaid citations, bails or warrants on a weekly basis and taking the appropriate action.  You will oversee reports submitted by officers.
  • Officers – Responsible for working at the police station to assist citizens with criminal inquiries, licensing and overseeing arrests.  Responsible for active patrol, responding to emergency situations, issuing citations and submitting any reports necessary. 

EMS Application

  • Hospital Director – Responsible for managing all hospital staff and performing medical services when necessary.  Will be responsible for maintaining staff schedules, ensuring hospital events are organized and ongoing and that the citizens of Bayside are aware of medical services offered.
  • Doctors – Responsible for treating emergency room patients, offering physical exams and other medical services as needed by Bayside citizens. Responsible for follow up appointments for anyone admitted to the hospital. 
  • Nurses – Responsible for assisting doctors with patient care for both emergency and preventative care.
  • Paramedics – Responsible for responding to emergency medical requests.  Will need a valid driver’s license to operate medical vehicles.  Responsible for onsite care and hospital transportation and communicating with doctors/nurses to ensure follow up care is provided. 


Dispatch functions for both PD and EMS and will help triage life alerts and emergency situations. 

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