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EMS Handbook

About Us

At Bayside Medical Center we see more than patients, we see the life that pulses through us all. That’s why we’re dedicated to a holistic approach to medicine that employs not only the most advanced treatments to improve outcomes, but also puts compassion and humanity at the heart of every interaction.

Mission Statement

Provide quality patient care and education that enhances the health and well-being of our communities.

Policies and Procedures

  1. HIPAA The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 is a United States Stature that was put in place to protect the privacy of patients. It is our responsibility as a healthcare organization to make our patient’s privacy the utmost important factor in our day to day activities and duties. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure our patient’s information is protected including, but not limited to, coded electronic records, minimum necessary rule, privacy barriers between patients, limited access to medical records/charts by non-essential staff members, etc. We also conduct required annual training on HIPAA laws.
    • Dress code is strictly enforced.
    • Medical Doctors are expected to be in a clean, professional top and suit pants/skirt. They are also required to wear a white lab coat while seeing patients, and standardise scrubs, facemask/shield and gloves while in surgery. Use of PPE (personal protective equipment) is strictly enforced as well to prevent the spread of disease.
    • Registered Nurses are expected to wear standardised scrubs….
    • Emergency Medical Technicians are expected to wear their standard issued uniform.
  3. USE OF HOSPITAL PROPERTY Medical supplies are the property of the hospital and distribution of supplies should only be in accordance with your station.

Medical Doctors As medical doctors, you are expected to provide the utmost care to each and every patient that you encounter. You are the leaders of the medical team and are expected to conduct yourselves as such. It is your responsibility to assess, diagnose and treat your patients in accordance with your licensures.


Registered Nurses As a registered nurse, your duties will include assisting the physicians in their day to day duties. This may include taking vitals, lab draws, wound care, prenatal intake, vaccines, etc. Your role is that of support and it is expected that your work reflects that.

Emergency Medical Technicians As EMTs, you will be responsible for emergency medical services out in the field. It will be your responsibility to assess and treat patients on the spot to make them stable enough for transport to the hospital. You must stay in close verbal communication with the hospital dispatch to ensure that the chain of custody of the patient goes smoothly.


Code Of Conduct

  1. Expectations
    • You are expected to be in full uniform befitting your station at all times while on the clock and on duty.
    • You represent the hospital and your conduct both on and off the clock should reflect this. Be mindful of your activities and the company that you keep.
    • You are expected to treat each and every patient that needs our help without discrimination.
    • You are required to have a working microphone while on duty.
  2. On-Call Policy
    • On call staff are not required to be the first responders to life alerts (unless you are the only EMT in the city). You are required to carry a radio on you while clocked in. First response is reserved for on duty personnel. If no one is available to respond to a life alert and you are on-call, you are responsible to listen out for that call sign from dispatch and respond accordingly.
  3. Basic Rules
    • Always clock in/out using the timesheet when going on or off duty.
    • Only use sirens in emergency situations
    • No illegal or criminal activities will be tolerated.
    • Do not run people over with your emergency vehicles.
    • Doctors and nurses do not carry radios, but are briefed by EMT staff.
    • Being on duty but not in the radio channel is not allowed.
    • Misuse of medical equipment/supplies can result in termination.
    • Remember while being in or out of uniform you represent the hospital and are expected to carry yourself befitting that of a medical professional.
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