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Connection Issues

How do I resolve connection issues?
There are various things that can prevent you from logging into the server. Below are some troubleshooting tips. We recommend you do a Google search for the error you are receiving. The only thing we can assist with on our end is ensuring you have the whitelist role and that the server is up. Please only submit a ticket if you realize you do not have the whitelist role. You can use the questions channel for general help and consult FiveM forums.

1. You must connect FiveM to your Discord, Steam and Rockstar account with an active game key for GTA5 prior to logging in
2. You must actually own GTA5 and make sure you have the most up to date version of FiveM
3. You must always have both the Discord app and Steam app open and logged in

If you do not see Bayside’s logo, you have entered the IP incorrectly or you have left a space before or after the IP. Be sure there are no extra spaces or characters. If this does not work, you will need to Google resolutions. Your device is not recognizing the server.

Connection Troubleshooting
If you see Bayside’s logo but it shows you are not connected, close out and double check that the server is connected. We restart daily at 4pm and 2am. If there is an unscheduled restart it will be posted in OOC.

If you have never been in the city, confirm you have the whitelisted role. If your bio was approved, click your name in the server, either from the member’s list or a message you have sent to see if you have the role “whitelisted.” If not, and you were approved, submit a ticket.

Close Fivem, check your connection and relaunch.

If these options do not work, test going into another server or googling your specific error.

Failed to fetch server variables
There are very many forums on this topic you can go through to troubleshoot but our recommendations are to check your firewall settings, clear your fivem cache, be sure you are connecting with the IP and not from your history and if you are using a VPN, try connecting from a different IP or try connecting without the VPN. If these options do not work, please consult cfx forums or a google search

If you do not see your information under “YOU” or your photo, you are not correctly connected so be sure to go through the above checklists, check your connection, relaunch FiveM, restart your computer if necessary and be sure your computer specs meet the requirements of FiveM. System requirements can be found on the homepage

When you get an error in CFX that does not have to do with a maintenance issue on their end, they direct you to the server owner. This is the case with every server. The only thing we can confirm on our end is that you have the whitelist role. You can check that yourself with the instructions above and be sure to submit a ticket if you are missing it. Avoid messaging mods directly, please submit a ticket for yourself in #submit-a-ticket .

If you are using a VPN, there is a possibility that IP has been previously banned so be sure to switch IPs or disable.

If there is an issue with the server or a restart happening you will find that information in our Discord.

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