Respect All Residents & Visitors

Bayside City is a serious role play server and we expect all members of the server to stay in character & abide by the following rules.  Keep in mind, the intent of role play is to create an enjoyable time for all players.  If your actions intentionally inhibit the enjoyment of other players, it may lead to a ban.

Please read the rules in their entirety prior to flying into the city or engaging in any role play.

Green Zones

Green Zones are areas in the city where crime or provoking is not allowed. Recognized Green Zones include:

  • The Mall (Inside)
  • Car Dealerships
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Impound Lots
  • Weapon Shops
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Clothing Shop (Inside)
  • Spawn Locations
  • Airport

Neutral zones are areas in the city where crime or provoking is possible, but not to be expected. Gangs in these areas may ‘press’ or question others based on their proximity to red zones, attire or behavior.

Red Zones are areas in the city where crime or provoking is not only possible, but it is almost to be expected as long as there is roleplay to carry it out. Recognized Red Zones include:

  • Any active Gang Territory – currently, near 118, 124, and 139


Crime against average civilians (citizens who are not involved in any sort of gang activity) in Bayside City should only happen at night and you must pay attention to the neighborhood. This is a diverse role play server. Everyone is not here to play a criminal or a repeat victim.  You should not force your preferred type of role play on any other player who is taking the proper precautious to avoid such role play. ie: someone walking down the street in Vinewood Hills in the middle of the day should not be fearing their life.  However, someone walking near a gang territory at the same time should be on alert.

Creating a Character

  • When creating a character, it is important to understand that your character must have a realistic name, age and history.
  • Do not use your real life name, celebrity name or the name of another server member.
  • Your character must wear realistic attire in the city. You may not wear law enforcement attire unless you are a part of law enforcement.
  • If you are creating a character you intend to use for crime, you are to build it in a slow and calculated manner. You are not going to be a criminal mastermind in a matter of days or a respected gang leader within a few weeks. This should take time, no matter what experience you may have in your backstory.

General Role Play Expectations

  • You are expected to remain in character when you are in the city.
  • You are mandated to carry out roleplay scenarios and interactions as realistically as possible. Your character should be slowly developing and evolving throughout the interactions and scenarios you are presented with.
  • Refrain from asking out of character questions within character, if you have questions or any form of inquiry in regards to anything not related to roleplay, please ask in discord and await reply from a member of the staff team.
  • Refrain from intentionally messing with law enforcement agencies with the intention of baiting them into scenarios, you are to treat them with respect, and you are to act fearful of the consequences. Furthermore, do not flee from law enforcement over simple traffic violations, do not open fire upon them without appropriate initiation, or reasoning.
  • Characters that you create on the server should take weeks if not months to properly develop, upon flying into the city, you are not some infamous drug lord or the head of some criminal organization or family. Establishing anything remotely close to any of that takes months of role play, and should not be rushed under any circumstance.  This is not a get rich quick or collectors server, we expect role play.
  • All interactions, including shootings, must be initiated via role play. There is a 2 minute initiation period required prior to any gun violence.  Meaning, you must have back and forth role play before opening fire on anyone in the city unless there is a server-planned KOS event.  Any interaction must allow for counter-play, you must also consider fear of life rules in all situations.
  • Any gang activity involving civilians can only happen at night, using the city’s day cycle (not phone time).  All role play rules apply and role play interaction is required in these scenarios.  You should be conscious of neighborhoods, onlookers and law enforcement when committing crimes. Members of the city should not always be in constant fear everywhere in the city but going out alone after dark with a lot of items on you can pose a risk anywhere in the city.
  • No matter what the time of day is, going into a gang territory (marked on the map) is dangerous and you are susceptible to gang activity.
  • When “killed” (a timer has started),  you are expected to forget the 15 minutes leading up to your death.  This cannot be used in RP.  While you may know who killed you OOC, your character has no memory of it. If you are revived on scene you would need to ask potential witnesses to learn about the events in character. If there were no witnesses it cannot be used in RP.


We do not allow powergaming and it can lead to a kick or permanent ban. Powergaming is when you perform acts that are not human-like to benefit your experience on the server or role playing in a way that forces others to role play a certain way that puts them at a disadvantage and puts you at an advantage in an un-humanlike way.


  • Getting killed and telling your friends where you are.
  • Using communication equipment while underwater
  • Acting like you have an item on you, when you truthfully do not.
  • Roleplaying as if your character has super powers that are not realistic, ie not being injured by events that would injure or kill you
  • Robbing other individuals without giving them the opportunity to interact or speak, this provides a one-sided roleplay scenario, which should be avoided as we are all here to have a fun and enjoyable time, allow other individuals to speak and defend themselves rather than forcing them to do what you want instantly
  • Pulling a heavy weapon out of your behind with no roleplay.
  • Running and jumping fences after getting tased by the police.
  • Getting knocked out and getting back up and fighting again.
  • Placing individuals into a situation or scenario where there is zero chance for escape or counterplay


Metagaming is using information you’ve learned out of character, either intentionally or unintentionally and using it in character.

  • Information that your character obtains through outside sources, glitches, or exploits cannot be used in roleplay.
  • Any information you obtain through external sources such as but is not limited to Twitch, YouTube, Discord, etc cannot be used within character
  • Refrain from using third party communication software’s such as Discord, Messenger, Skype, and so forth within character, or for purposes that are intended to relay information for specific scenarios, to organize interactions, events or scenarios, but also to relay information without having any way to do so within character.
  • Using external communication software’s such as Discord, Messenger, Skype, etc with the intention of just hanging out and having a good time is perfectly fine, as long as it is not used in a manner to organize events, interactions and scenarios within character

Metagaming and powergaming will lead to a permanent ban.


  • You must give your character time to make connections and learn how criminal activity in the city works.  A simple briefing from a friend who already role plays in the city does not suffice as experience and your character should develop these connections and skillset.
  • You must be mindful of the attention of law enforcement when carrying out criminal activity, give yourself and other members time between your acts.  Repeatedly committing criminal offenses will result in longer penalties and more attention/investigation from law enforcement to any organization you may be connected to.
  • At some point your character will come into contact with other organized criminals, making connections and potentially working together from time to time may build a stronger storyline but conflict is expected at some point.  It is important to have a diverse storyline involving both conflict and cooperation but avoid large alliances that do not ever allow for any conflict.
  • Any member added to a criminal organization must be approached through role play. Some form of initiation is expected and it must be approved by the person in charge of that organization.
  • All gangs must reside in one of the three current designated gang areas: 124 (Grove), 139, or 118
  • You can only operate as a gang by joining an existing gang or starting your own, if available.
    • If there is not a gang in existence, occupying one of the 3 above areas, you can begin to organize in that area to make a play.
    • You will need to identify a gang leader before applying.  As a gang leader, you are responsible for your organization and all of your members.  Repeat failed rp scenarios from a gang will lead to disbandment of the gang and the area will become available to other members in the city looking to start a gang. Real Estate acquired in the neighborhood will not be refunded.
    • You must have at least 5 members involved prior to applying to start a gang
  • Any gang activity against civilians in the city must take place at night – this includes robbing and kidnapping and you must be conscious of the area and any potential onlookers. Crime should be realistic.  And remember role play interaction is required 2 minutes prior to opening fire on anyone.
  • No matter the time of day, if anyone enters a gang territory, marked on the map, they risk being involved in gang activity.
  • Drug Sales to NPCs [pedestrians (peds) or locals] are currently restricted to the southside. As your enterprise grows, you may be invited to opportunities to spread your reach.

Random Death Matching

Killing another player or provoking another player with no appropriate or valid reason or without initiation of role play is deathmatching and not acceptable. Violence is to be used as a last resort, the reasoning has to be within the proximity of self-defense or justified criminal actions.

Ie: Killing the person that killed you previously, commiting acts of terrorism, shooting a person you’ve had no verbal interaction with during the scene in which you shoot them.

Value of Life

Your character is always mandated to fear for its own life, if someone points a gun at your head, you are to comply with the instructions and demands given by the perpetrator, failure to do so would be considered failure to value your life, which will not be tolerated.

Example: One or several individuals pulling up on you with weapons, while you have none brandished or shown. Whether or not you are a gamer who knows how to shoot, we are here to role play and it is not realistic for you to brandish a gun and kill an army of people when you were outgunned. We do not consider simple gaming role play.

New Life Rule

If you are killed (timer has started), you are not allowed to remember the events that led up to your death 15 minutes prior to your death upon respawning at the hospital or being revived.

  • You are not allowed to return to the area of the scene of your death for at least 30 minutes.
  • You are not allowed to return to the scene of your death to retrieve lost items.
  • You can be reminded of the events of your death by someone who was A WITNESS to it.
  • Revenge Killing falls under this rule. If you kill the person that killed you, after you have died, without creating a new, valid reason behind it, it is considered Revenge Killing. This is a bannable offense.


  • Player One dies to Player Two in a gang-on-gang attack. Player One cannot return to that exact area for at least 30 minutes, nor remember what happened.

Triggering Roleplay

Triggering roleplay of any kind is not allowed.


  • Dismemberment
  • Non-consensual Touching
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Pedophilia
  • Necrophilia

Vehicles & Driving

While you are not expected to fully obey traffic laws, ie you can treat red lights like stop signs, you should make attempts at obeying traffic laws – ie making an attempt at stop lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lanes.  General speed limit in the city is 45 mph.  Avoid driving as if you do not care for you character’s life.


Refrain from disconnecting and / or leaving the server to avoid the respawn timer, if you are downed, you are not to avoid respawning in any form or shape, you should respawn, forget the events that led to the death of your character, and furthermore continue evolving and building your character from there.  If you crash or log during a respawn countdown you will lose items in your inventory. These will not be replaced.

  • You are never to disconnect or leave the server to avoid a specific scenario, interaction, or event. If you are carrying out a heist, you are to remain within that heist till the end, do not leave to avoid getting caught and confronted by law enforcement, this will be considered combat logging.
  • If your character is downed by one or several other individuals, then you should not disconnect from the server to avoid getting dumped or re-located by those individuals, or to avoid respawn. You are to roleplay it out, that is why you are here, to roleplay, interact and build your own story.
  •  If someone is caught breaking community and server policies, and you are involved within that scenario within the counterpart, you are to remain within that scenario, and allow it to conclude itself. You are to record it, and then submit a report to the moderation team afterwards, if you log to avoid it, you will be held accountable. If you lose items because another player is breaking server policies, you will be refunded by the server staff if you have the proof to back it up.
  • If you are taking part in a roleplay interaction, scenario, and / or event, then suddenly your game crashes and / or disconnects, then you are to report that within the Discord immediately to notify server staff that your game has crashed, then upon re-connecting you may rejoin the scenario if it has not concluded, if your peers were captured by law enforcement for example, then you are to give yourself up as you would most likely have been captured alongside them if you did not crash.

Abusing Game Physics

Abusing Game Physics:

The physics in GTA V are in play for reasons centered around the base game. They cannot be changed by development teams/scripting, as they are hardcoded into Grand Theft Auto Five. Because these physics exist does not mean they are always grounded in realism. Some, in fact, would be considered direct exploitation when used incorrectly.


  • Drive-Bys: If you are driving, do not attempt to do a drive-by when you are in the driver’s seat.
  • Job Abuse: Spawning in job vehicles to help yourself get around the city if you have no car.
  • Olympic Swimming: Swimming for a long period of time without roleplaying being tired.
  • Combat Rolling: Rolling when you are in a shootout with another player is not allowed.

Exploiting / Client-Side Mods:

Client-side mods that give an unfair advantage to you over others in the server are not allowed under any circumstance. If you are caught in possession of modded money/weapons/vehicles/items you will be banned, regardless of if you are the modder or not. You are required to report someone if they give you modded money or if you see them performing any exploits within the server. Crosshairs are the only exception to the above.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mod Menus
  • Trainers
  • Finding a money glitch in the city.
  • Using radios if you are not PD, Fire, or EMS.
  • Radios should not be given to anyone outside of PD, EMS, and Fire or taken if they are found during the commission of a robbery.
  • Abusing any glitch/testing command that is not realistic and/or does not make sense when put up against a standing server rule.

Robbing and Scamming:

Robbing is when you are taking the possessions of another person with force. Scamming is when you offer a good or service, then proceed to refuse to relinquish or pay for the good or service.

  • Do not rob animals. We consider this failed rp and could lead to a ban.
  • Players are not allowed to force another player to withdraw money from an ATM.
  • Players are not allowed to steal items from the EMS or Police.
  • Players must only commit a robbery in a realistic manner.
  • Players are not allowed to commit chain robberies unless it is roleplayed perfectly. The robberies must portray your character realistically.
  • Players are not allowed to kill the player they are robbing unless that person has brought it upon themselves.
  • Players are not allowed to rob the same player within the same 2 hours.

Hostages and Ransoms:

Taking a hostage should be considered an extreme resort to getting demands met; on its own, this behavior comes with several criminal charges even in a situation when the person taken leaves unharmed. Ransoms are any service, good or fee to be exchanged for the hostage. When taking a hostage consider that:

  • Adequate RP needs to cover the reason a person is being taken
    • There should be an end goal or demand(s) that needs to be met; you cannot simply take a hostage because you do not like them or ‘felt like it’. The maximum you may ransom for is $10,000.
    • Kidnapping of citizens not involved in criminal activity unless there is a truly complex storyline attached. These are not easy money grab situations.
  • Hostages can be charged to the individual(s) with lone-wolves and/or to a Gang if they are affiliated. Taking more than two hostages in a week by association will result in a strike against a player and their gang.
    • Gang leaders should be involved in any hostage situations.
  • Hostages should not be taken with the sole purpose of being killed. Killing a hostage should be a last resort initiated by RP.


Change Log

Bayside City opening February 2022

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