Gang Rules

Gang Tiers:

Gang Tiers (Ascendable based on organization, execution of activities and perceived ‘cleanliness’ of gang handling) are the manner in which we organize the ‘types’ of gangs that inhabit the server.

  • Crime Syndicate (Examples Include: The Mafia, Drug/Weapon Cartels, Organized Crime Rings)
    • Crime Syndicates (or a CS) is a highly organized, and usually professional structuring of a gang. Their work is relatively clean, efficient and as near to ‘by the book’ as possible. While they don’t operate on a specific turf, Crime Syndicates often recruit lesser tier gangs to facilitate their business outside of the ‘clean’ expectation that comes with their name and allows them to operate on a wider scale such as acquiring businesses, securing property and affecting the cities they inhabit. 
  • Street Gang 
    • Based out of a specific territory or sections of turf, street gangs are known to congregate on their blocks, rep specific colors and identify with sayings, gang signs/gestures, tags and behaviors. These groups are regularly responsible for the movement of drugs and weapons through the streets. They are occasionally recruited by higher tier gangs to carry out tasks, but they are typically pricier than Crews and their organization may vary based on their size and the ranking of the members recruited for the work. 

General Gang Rules:

  • You are expected to follow all of Bayside City’s GTA Role Play Rules.
  • You must give your character time to make connections and learn how criminal activity in the city works.  A simple briefing from a friend who already role plays in the city does not suffice as experience and your character should develop these connections and skillset.
  • You must be mindful of the attention of law enforcement when carrying out criminal activity, give yourself and other members time between your acts.  Repeatedly committing criminal offenses will result in longer penalties and more attention/investigation from law enforcement to any organization you may be connected to.
  • At some point your character will come into contact with other organized criminals, making connections and potentially working together from time to time may build a stronger storyline but conflict is expected at some point.  It is important to have a diverse storyline involving both conflict and cooperation but avoid large alliances that do not ever allow for any conflict. 
  • Any member added to a criminal organization must be approached through role play. Some form of initiation is expected and it must be approved by the person in charge of that organization. 
  • All gangs must reside in one of the three current designated gang areas: 124 (Grove), 139, or 118
  • You can only operate as a gang by joining an existing gang or starting your own, if available. 
  • If there is not a gang in existence, occupying one of the 3 above areas, you can begin to organize in that area to make a play. 
  • You will need to identify a gang leader prior to applying.  As a gang leader, you are responsible for your organization and all of your members.  Repeat failed rp scenarios from a gang will lead to disbandment of the gang and the area will become available to other members in the city looking to start a gang.
  • You must have at least 5 members involved prior to applying to start a gang
  • Any gang activity against civilians in the city must take place at night – this includes robbing and kidnapping and you must be conscious of the area and any potential onlookers. Crime should be realistic.  And remember role play interaction is required 2 minutes prior to opening fire on anyone. 
  • No matter the time of day, if anyone enters a gang territory, marked on the map, they risk being involved in gang activity. 
  • Drug Sales to NPCs [pedestrians (peds) or locals] are currently restricted to the southside. As your enterprise grows, you may be invited to opportunities to spread your reach. 
  • Recruitment efforts of a gang and the hazing/initiation processes are at the discretion of the gang itself; a gang is not obligated to accept anyone, and may be as discerning as they please. 
    • You cannot join another gang after leaving a gang for at least 10 days. 
  • Gangs do not receive handouts, new or established.
    • Part of becoming a gang is making connections and building your rep. DO NOT EXPECT A STARTER PACK to get you established or give you clout; it is your responsibility to network, beat the pavement, make allies and find plugs throughout the city to supply your gang until you are invited to sit at the round table with the bosses. To be clear, there will be no startup money, guns, or drugs. 
  • Each gang’s leader is expected to make sure that their gang members are following server rules and will be held accountable for any failed RP via the gang. 

Note: You (as a leader) should only be recruiting trustworthy people OOC, and as such, they are YOUR responsibility once you’ve accepted them. Both your gang and the individual can be held accountable for any infraction.

  • Each time a gang member breaks a server rule severe enough, a strike will be given to your ENTIRE gang. 2 strikes = suspension, 3 strikes = disband. 
  • NLR (New Life Rule) applies to any situation! 
  • No combat logging. It is a zero-tolerance offense.
  • Something crucial within established RP must happen between two or more parties in order for beef to be established; this beef must be allowed to escalate in a natural way (trash talk, fights/brawls, taunting, ect) and signed off on by the initiating gang’s leader for a war to happen. 
    • A poor reason behind a war can lead to admin intervention. 
  • EMS and LSPD are not required to respond to every shooting within gang areas; they will not be a gang’s personal revive bot. 
    • You may not use the /OOC to attempt to summon emergency services to you during or immediately after any weaponized gang disputes.
    • In the course of any gun-related roleplay, it should be inferred that law enforcement will have received word and interfered within five minutes. 

Example: GOLD gang should not exchange gunfire for 6+ minutes; after an initial exchange of gunfire, gang members should scatter to avoid officer arrest. 

  • You must have a good reason to press an opposing gang member outside of your gang’s territory. (Example: selling drugs, causing a nuisance)
    • The opposing gang member must fear for their life unless they choose to shoot it out; RP standards are still expected to be followed and they must also draw their weapon with an adequate /me. 
      • This rule is ONLY applicable in neutral or red zones. 
  • You cannot flee to a Green Zone for protection after starting gang beef; they are strictly off limits. 
    • Many businesses and common interaction locations such as the hospital, spawn areas, and clothing stores are considered Green Zones! Green Zone/Server rules supersede gang rules. 
      • Refer to the Green Zone list above.
  • You cannot press another gang on neutral or opposing turf if they are at a 3 player disadvantage 
    • If a gang enters a rival’s territory and becomes outnumbered due to intruding on enemy turf, this rule is void.

      Example: BEIGE gang (3) decides to move in on rival GOLD gang’s territory; when BEIGE arrives, they realize that the GOLD gang (7) is holding down their turf. As long as there is fair RP, the player disadvantage rule does not apply. Recon is a must!
  • Hostages taken by a gang member are charged to the gang. Manage your members accordingly. 
  • The use of /me and /do will be used to simulate actions. You may not rely on in-game actions or scripts to supplement a lack of RP. 

Example: “/me pops trunk to grab the rifle stowed there”, “/me reaches into waistband to draw pistol ‘

  • If one gang breaks RP, the opposing gang should play out the scene and create a ticket once the scene is over reporting Failed RP. If the scene is deemed failed, it will be discarded and any RP consequences of its conclusion will be reversed.
    • If a situation exists where both gangs break RP, both gangs will be issued punishment and the outcome of the failed RP remains.

New Gang Establishment

  • In order to have a viable gang application, founding members must:
    • Be active participants of the server for longer than 2 weeks

Note: The purpose of this is to allow people to get involved in the server before diving directly into the gang activities and to allow for a more realistic transition into a previously neutral territory becoming a Red Zone. 

  • Have begun to regularly inhabit (but not press people on) a specific territory of the server. 

The identified territory will eventually become the gang’s territory (though it’s size may be modified by leadership to keep it manageable). 

  • Have chosen an identifying marker/symbol, signal or color, per requirements, depending on the requirements of their tier, which will be granted based on leadership assessment. 
  • All new gangs will be under a 30-day probationary period where they will only receive 2 strikes before disbandment. 

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