Become a Leader in Bayside

Bayside City is looking for leaders who will be active members of our community and help driving role play.  We are so honored that you are interested in being apart of making this an incredible role play environment.  We are looking for leaders who are already actively role playing in relation to the position they are applying for.
Requirements – You will be responsible for promoting role play in relation to your position.
Available Positions:

  • #LAB Gaming Bar & Lounge Manager
  • Bayside City Sun Editor in Chief
  • Bayside City Police Department Captain
  • Bayside City Police Department Lieutenant
  • Meela’s Cafe Manager
  • Trojan Tennis Coach

Elected Positions

Bayside is gearing up for city elections soon. Become a part of the race. If you are applying for an elected position, you’ll need to apply AND begin campaigning. Get out there, meet role players, spread your word, host events that push you forward – dinners, luncheons, conversations. etc. You won’t be qualified if you are not an active role player in the community.

  • ​Bayside City Chief of Police
  • Bayside City Mayor

The Chief of Police and Mayor will be responsible with helping develop Bayside City Laws. Build your campaigns, meet other residents and begin sharing your point of view. Which social groups will you champion for? You must be a Bayside resident or business owner to run for an elected position.


  • You must plan to actively role play in Bayside
  • You’re expected to proactively promote role play at your business
  • You cannot rename the business. If you’re interested in creating a new business, please apply for a business permit
  • You cannot rez prims at your business, unless they are being used temporarily for an event
  • You will be responsible for assisting staff at your business and potentially promoting them via role play (ie: PD trainees becoming officers)

Apply for a Position

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