Now that you know about role play, here are some tips to help your role play journey in Bayside specifically.

  1. Hang out in public places.  Role play won’t appear out of thin air, you need to be accessible and somewhere that will allow someone to begin role playing with you.  It’s usually best if you’re doing something in a public space, rather than just standing – as people may assume you’re AFK.  Go hang at the bar, work somewhere, sit at a reception counter, behind the desk at the gas station, at the lifeguard post, etc.  Look like you’re doing something – people are more apt to come close to you and RP
  2. SLOW DOWN – if you have sent an emote to someone or said hello to someone you want to RP with, give them time to respond.  If you are passing by and saying hello, give them time to say hello back.  Unless their profile says otherwise, you can IM someone to ask if they’re available/rping before sending the emote.
  3. Get a job – don’t ask permission to get a job, don’t ask for an application if there is not an application. There are help wanted signs around town – you can also find jobs here. Most jobs require no application, you simply begin rping.  By having a job, however, you are responsible for building and encouraging RP at your place of employment.  ie if you’re a gas station clerk, you should be present and available to role play for anyone who comes in while you’re working. If you’re a lifeguard for the day, emote to the group that you’re making it to your post. If you work in the cafe, emote to the group when you arrive to your shift and role play if people come by. If you’re arriving at your desk in Bayside Medical – LET PEOPLE KNOW. If you’re a cop or paramedic, respond to police or emergency calls via the NBS phones in the station.  Different roles or titles can be given in the RP groups once you have been actively role playing and building RP at your place of employment.
  4. Emote to the Bayside Role Play group as you begin your day somewhere public.  This will help people know where to find you and that you’re open for role play – you have the beach, Runyon, The Vanderbuilt, Faith & Flower, Lab, the police department, Bayside medical, the gas station, Little Toyko, the gym, any of the businesses.
  5. Looking for role play? Message the Bayside City group to ask if anyone is available/interested in some role play.
  6. GO TO EVENTS – The more people at role play events, the more people you have to role play with. These are scheduled at set times, daily to help foster your relationships with other role players. Attend them. You can find daily line up on the events page here. You can also message the group to see if others are going. We also have Farmer’s Markets each Sunday, you don’t have to sell items. Get out and attend, meet others, maybe push your Bayside story along. Create some drama (the interesting kind, not the troll/fight/annoying/not based in rp kind)
  7. Have your own event – want to throw a Bonfire? A hula dancing class on the beach, a house party.  Anything that is realistic and doesn’t need a ton of prims (in public spaces) – just a gathering of people go for it. Message the group, spread the word and go RP.
  8. Use a titler. This is helpful when identifying who is open for role play. There are lots of great free titlers – like this one or this one.
  9. Get involved with politics. If you’re applying for a leadership positions – such as mayor or police chief, you’re going to need votes so actively campaign. Meet the people of the city, spread word about yourself, attend city events, send tips to the Bayside Sun, etc.
  10. Get involved with or start a faction – we all know there are supernatural practices happening in Bayside – do you practice magic? Find others who do. Are you pro-magic, gather with other role players who want to champion for your rights.  Are you the opposite? Read some Bayside articles that have mentioned both sides, understand their outlook and work it in your character and gather with others.

Overall, take responsibility for your role play and be proactive. If you remain hidden, you won’t ever have the opportunity to role play.

Business Owner Tips

We have lots of commercial rentals and are eager to share about new Bayside businesses.  However, you still need to do some work as a business owner.

  1. Make jobs available – either role play, tips or paid. This will help drive role play to your business. If you want your job listed on this site, visit the jobs page.
  2. Attend Bayside Chamber of Commerce meetings to meet other business owners, share tips, get help or spark ideas.
  3. Make sure it’s clear your business is a place of business – create a sign for your business – your storefront is just as important as what’s inside.
  4. Once you have completed setting up and are ready to open, be sure to send an IM to Zanevanderbuilt resident with a blurb and photos. It’s usually easiest to link a Google Doc.
  5. We encourage you to leave your business open 24/7 so people can role play during the time that works best for them
  6. USE THE ROLE PLAY GROUP – you have the ability to send notices and IMs to remind people about your business and whats going on.  For notices – no more than 2 should be sent a day and no more than 1 per hour.  Just as all role players are recommended to toss an emote into the group, use that as you “open” for the day.
  7. Throw events at your place of business.  This is your business. Build excitement for it. Throw regular events that fit with the theme of your business. If you build no excitement. No one will visit.
  8. Offer specials – even if they are just Rp.
  9. Use the farmer’s market – rent a booth or simply attend, pass out “flyers” or “business cards”  OR even RP discount cards.  Spread the word about your business just like any business owner would do.  The more you base it in role play, the more people will want to visit regularly.