Bayside Eclipsed

Welcome to Bayside Eclipsed.  This is a voice role play game for RP enthusiasts who are interested in developing a story in the city of Bayside that goes beyond the veil of the normal day to day. We’re looking for complex characters to navigate the city while also pushing their backstory forward.


  • There will be an Eclipsed group to join in world. We request that you wear this tag when role playing so you can be easily identified by other Eclipsed players
  • This is a Voice RPG and role play may be streamed/recorded by Meela or other streamers/YouTubers
  • You can still actively role play and engage with other role players in Bayside who are not playing Eclipsed.  We encourage you to so you can develop your role play even further beyond the characters of Eclipsed.
  • You will assume a role listed above. They’re assigned on a first come first serve basis.  As you play and your character develops, they may transition out of roles. ie: if you start as a drug dealer and make your way up to drug lord, etc.
  • We are looking for ACTIVE role players. Inactive players will be removed from the group but welcomed back if their availability changes. Original roles may not be available upon return.

Note: We will also be making use of XeoLife as a life simulator for the role play.  There also may be components of role play that require or earn Linden. ie drugs are an existing market in Bayside City. A drug lord will organize this activity and heighten it by purchasing supply from cooks and selling to dealers who will then sell to users. 

Available Roles

If you currently play a role in Bayside or have a business, consider incorporating one of these roles into that position. You can also request a role on the application. You will need to also select one of the following to submit. If your role is accepted it will be added.

  • Police Officer (4)
  • Bank Manager
  • Bank Teller
  • Drug Cook – requires experience creating XeoLife drugs
  • Drug Lord
  • Drug Dealer (4)
  • Emperor’s Table Waitress/Waiter
  • Emperor’s Table Chef – requires experience creating XeoLife drugs
  • Emperor’s Table Manager
  • Bayside Taxi Manager
  • Bayside Taxi Driver
  • Paramedic (2)
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse
  • Fitness Coach
  • Mechanic
  • Coven leader/voodoo master (some sort of magic being I can’t seem to think of a name for)

Ready to Play?

Official Schedule

The goal is to have as many Eclipsed players on at once as possible for story progression.  You’re welcomed to role play outside of these hours and this schedule will continue to evolve as we add more players.  Any days/times below are just a starting point.

Saturdays 11am – 5pm SLT


  • Absolutely no meta gaming. Do not use any information gathered OOC, from non-RP sources such as social media or other’s videos/streams for your RP. Anything you know in RP you character must have discovered through the game and RP.
  • This is a voice RP game so you will need a functional mic and the ability to hear other players.
  • You do not need to rent in Bayside to participate
  • General RP rules apply. For general Bayside RP rules, click here.