Ready to gamify your role play experience? Play Bayside City Life!

Bayside City life is a life simulation game in the city of Bayside.  Play alone or with friends to keep your avatar alive, healthy and happy!  You have several life stats to keep up with – hunger, hygiene, energy, health, cheer and bathroom breaks.  You can also hit the gym to train and level up on your fitness.

How to Play

Bayside is making use of 2 systems, XeoLife and SML.  Grab your huds at the Bayside City landing.  Once you have your hud, visit places around the sim to keep your stats in order.  The full list is below and growing!

  1. Unpack your XeoLife hud (you need to rez)
  2. Wear the Hud
  3. Wear the Overhead Display
  4. Click the hud and select Overhead
  5. Click “Show 4/All”
  6. Make any other customizations you are interested in


  1. Join the SML group next to the hud giver
  2. Click the hud giver
  3. Add the hud and make your way to Bayside Fitness to begin working out. (If you need help figuring out the system, feel free to page a trainer).

Start a Business

If you’re looking to create compatible products and start a business in Bayside you have options! You can create items to sell in the market, located in Little Toyko – food, hygiene, etc.  Or you could rent a business location to sell items or services that can satisfy stats: ie – restaurants, furniture stores etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about the system and how to create for it, visit –

Note: It’s a great idea to spend some time in your shop to attract attention and role play. You’re welcomed to hire employees, promote around town and submit tips to the Bayside Sun.

Get a Job!

There are lots of role play jobs around the city that you can dive into whenever you’d like. Have fun role playing and increase your stats! Employee seating brings cheer since Bayside townies have a love for their work.  Become a police officer, a food vendor at Aroma Cafe, a #LAB employee, gas station clerk, etc. Check out the full list below.

Stats List

The below list details where you can work on your stats. Remember, this shows what will increase your stats but some stats will also deplete. For example, while spending a day at work will give you cheer, it could also potentially decrease your hygiene or energy.  Taking breaks and eating throughout the day will be necessary.

Beach Pier

  • Portable Toilets – Provide Continence
  • Hand Sanitizer – Provides Hygiene (unlimited use, increase hygiene every 10 seconds)
  • Snack Bar – Provides Food & Water

Aroma cafe

  • Seating – Provides Energy
  • Employee Stools – Provide Cheer

#LAB Gaming Bar & Lounge

  • Gaming and YouTube seating – Provides Cheer
  • Employee Seating – Provides Cheer
  • Loungers & Sofas – Provides Energy
  • Restroom – Provides Continence & Hygiene
  • Pizza at Bar on the 3rd Floor – Provides Food & Cheer
  • Baby Changing Table – 3rd Floor Bathroom – Provides Hygiene & Cheer

Police Department

  • Waiting Seats – Provides Energy
  • Employee Seating – Provides Cheer
  • Cells – Provides Energy, Hygiene, Continence


  • Benches – Provides Energy
  • Public Restroom – Provides Continence & Hygiene
  • Vending Machine – Purchase Drinks to Provide Water

Yura Gas Station

  • Clerk Seating – Provides Cheer

Otaku Bar & Lounge

  • Karoke – Provides Cheer*
  • Bar Stools – Provides Cheer*
  • Lounge Seating – Provides Cheer*

Meela’s Cafe

  • All Seating – Provides Energy & Cheer
  • Employee Stool – Provides Cheer

Runyon Hiking Trail

  • All Benches & Seating – Provides Cheer & Energy

Vandermere Reception Desk

  • Employee Seating – Provides Cheer

Bayside City Fitness

  • Employee Seating – Provides Cheer
  • Fitness Ball – Provides Energy
  • Treadmills – Decrease Energy & Hygiene
  • Workout Equipment – Provides Strength (SML)

Bayside Medical

  • Employee Seating – Provides Cheer
  • Waiting Room Seating – Provides Energy
  • Beds – Provides health, hygiene, continence, energy and cheer
  • Doctors – If your health needs a boost, make an appointment. Check the Bayside Health Insurance for coverage.


  • Beach Shower – Provides Hygiene
  • Blue Beach Chairs – Provide Energy & Cheer
  • Float in Seating – Provides Energy & Cheer
  • Swimmer – Provides Cheer & Hygiene

Little Toyko

  • Apartment Balcony Chairs – Energy, Cheer
  • Apartment Balcony Grill – Cheer

Coming Soon

  • Perch Restaurant & Lounge
  • Mayor’s Office

*Denotes maximum stats provided.