Find Work in Bayside

Bayside is a role play community and filled with businesses that have role play jobs or linden earning jobs.  Be sure to check the job type when applying.  Any Linden earning jobs will likely come with more requirements, an application/interview process and rules to abide by. If you are looking to be a leader at any of the role play locations, please keep an eye out for hiring alerts.

Hiring Alert

Role Play Admin – Paid

We're hiring a role play Admin!  This is a paid position. We're looking for a self motivated, responsible, creative person who can bring their ideas to life, execute the ideas of sim managers, interact with the community and respond to role plau related inquiries.

Job Description 

• Managing role play groups and assigning roles when appropriate
• Setting city events and communicating them with the group
• Scheduling daily group updates
• Moderating all role play groups
• Helping city visitors and residents know about events, businesses, meet ups happening
• Assisting with social media
• Planning events to push role play
• Assist with website updates (events/posts) when necessary


• Must have a strong understanding of WordPress, Facebook, Instagram
• Must have experience creating events on the website
• Must be a team player, who can lead while keeping this a pleasant experience for other role players
• Must be available to set some sort of role play event at least once a week and assist
•Must have experiencing administering Second Life groups, sending notices and participating in chat • Should be creative and come with ideas • Will need to have a Discord account • Experience with Smartbots is preffered but not required. • Experience as a sim or role play manager preferred but not required.

To Apply:

Please fill out the application here - Click here to apply

Hiring Editor in Chief – Role Play

We're looking for an Editor-in-Chief for the Bayside City Sun.  This is currently a role play only position. As the paper develops, there may be opportunity to sell advertising. Visit the Sun.

Job Description 

• Hiring writers and overseeing newspaper content
• Publishing news stories on the website either after review or by posting writer's stories
• Creating articles for the newspaper, if interested
• Moderating the Bayside City Sun group and assigning roles as needed
• Keeping an eye out on Bayside events, business openings, residents of interest, etc
• Overseeing columns (post topics) and ensuring consistency


• Must have a strong understanding of WordPress and publishing articles. You will be the primary person responsible for publishing Sun articles to the site, correctly tagging and catorigizing and ensuring high quality photos are used.
• Must be creative with strong writing skills
• Must be a team player, who can lead while keeping this a pleasant experience for other role players
• Must be willing to curate content that fits the audience and overall vibe of Bayside City
•Availability to write articles - as you grow your team, you will be responsible for writing and publishing articles at a cadence that works best for you. We have no requirements on how often you need to publish, we prefer at least once a week.

To Apply:

Please create a Google Doc with the following and send the share link to Zanevanderbuilt Resident. Zane is a bot so IM only please.

• A writing sample.  We prefer this to be something new that could be published in the Bayside City Sun when you are hired.  Keep in mind, the bulk of Bayside City articles will be between 2500-500 words and should be easy to read, fun and energetic.  Investigative pieces may be longer. 
• Ideas of upcoming articles or columns (categories)
• A general idea of your posting schedule

Hiring Police Chief – Role Play

Bayside City is looking for an experienced role player who is interested in becoming our Chief of Police. We are looking for a team player, who is fun to work with and available to lead and grow Bayside's police department. We're looking for someone who has a basic level of police departments but also someone who will keep the environment fun and engaging.

Job Description

• Welcoming new members to the Bayside PD group and monitoring capacity. If the amount of active police officers exceeds need, alerting Zanevanderbuilt to close to group for new members.
• Keeping an eye out for inactive members and switching them to an off-duty role
• Scheduling training for new police officers
• Assigning officers to conduct training or conducting training yourself
• Establish processes for responding to an criminal events, prisoners, and recordkeeping


• Must be an experienced role player
• Must join the Bayside City Police Department group
• Must have experience administering a Second Life group and how to send notices
• You must have the ability to make this a fun experience for both police officers and residents and guests of the city. We are not looking for someone who is going to be so strict that the role play becomes unpleasant. Bayside, overall, is a very laid back environment. Crime is not the focus of this city but we are looking for a police department we can lean on to respond to criminal activity, patrol the neighborhoods and make arrests when necessary in a fun way.

Available Positions

The Vanderbuilt is our city's mecca. Home to Faith & Flower Restaurant & Bar, Aroma Cafe, and #LAB Gaming Bar & Grille. Join the elite working class of Bayside as wait staff or bartenders. Applicants should visit Faith & Flower for an application and leave it in the mailbox outside of the building. You will be contacted by hiring manager Amyalka Resident. Be sure to follow the instructions on the application and fill out the application in its entirety.

Job Type: Linden earned by tips and service bookings
Requirements: Dress code, must work a minimum of 1 full set per week, must send group notices/group IMs to the Faith & Flower group. Creativity and emoting are required.
Not Required but Preferred: Creating creative role play events is a plus - ie happy hour, getting creative with daily specials, taco food nights etc. Basic understanding of Xeolife.

Find all requirements and details on the application.
Welcoming doctors, nurses and receptionists. No interview necessary. Stop by to learn about the clinic, complete training and begin your practice. Set your own rates, hours and manage your patients. All information is located at the clinic, just next to The Vanderbuilt. Grab a TP hud at the Bayside City landing for a direct teleport.

Requirements: You must have an active ad board displaying your services and a professional photo. You must be a self starter comfortable with developing a list of services, setting rates, communicating with our role play group, spending some time at the clinic for walk ins and managing your own patients/clients.

You will find all information on how to begin, where to display your services and how things work in the clinic. We strongly encourage you to have a presence in Bayside, spend some time in the clinic to get to know your peers and to help encourage role players to stop by for a visit. Keep an eye out on city gathers/fairs where you can also promote your services.
Hiring personal trainers and fitness class instructors! Stop by Bayside fitness to become a part of our team. If you're enthusiastic about health and fitness, this is the job for you. Set your own rates, schedule and connect with new clients! No interview required. Training located at Bayside Fitness gym.

Requirements: Must have an active ad board in the gym displaying your services and a photo. Must have an ability to communicate with the Bayside Role Play group, have a presence at the gym and communicate with role players to build a list of clientele. You should also be family with the SML system. Grab a free hud at landing and begin building your strength. Click the ad boards in the gym for sample rate cards and begin to build a set of services that are most interesting for you.

Expand beyond the gym and connect with clients as personal trainers, developing role play fitness routines and meal plans. Even stop by Big Bear Fitness Studio to instruct a class.
Big Bear Fitness studio is a completely XeoLife enabled studio with options for multiple fitness classes. You'll find everything from yoga to aerobics to cycling. To help guests get the most of their workout, they'll increase their health and experience and there is plenty in the gym to help them along the way, including sweatbands, protein shakes, energy drinks and a full functional locker room.

Fitness instructors can lead a role play class and login to a tip jar to charge for the classes. You'll find all information and training materials at Big Bear.

Requirements: You must read the instructions in the gym. You must have a basic understanding of XeoLife and an ability to communicate with our Bayside Role Play group. After 5 successful classes, you will be invited to the group as an official Big Bear Instructor. After your 5th class, send an IM to Zanevanderbuilt Resident with the dates of your previous classes and a list of attending residents!
Meela's cafe is located just at the foot of Runyon and available for any Bayside resident to login and begin earning tips. You will need to communicate with the Bayside City Role play group and also have a presence in the cafe. You must be a member of the Bayside City Role Play group to login to the tip jar.
There is some major distance between some of our Bayside destinations and we're not all the best drivers on the grid. If you are a great driver and have a passion for it, offer your services as an Uber or taxi driver!

How it Works • Join the Bayside City Role Play group - you'll find an invite at the Bayside City Landing
• Come to Bayside and be sure to chat and let the group know you are available
• Keep an eye on the group when residents message needing a ride
• You are welcomed to charge tips or set fees for travel.
Keep in mind - Uber drivers must abide by the same driving and parking laws. Always keep an eye on Bayside news and notices for an updates to driving regulations. If you are leaving your car unattended, you must be in a designated parking space with a paid meter. Currently only residents of Bayside can rez vehicles in Bayside. Taxis, you are welcome to stand/park outside of Meela's cafe but you must remove your car at the end of your shift or when you leave. Page boards coming soon...
Looking to deliver some much needed food from anywhere in Bayside to residents? Keep an eye on the Bayside City Role Play group for anyone requesting delivery and whip out your car or bike to make the delivery. We recommend charging for the price of food and your delivery fees in advance. Page boards coming soon...
Bayside City PD is looking to increase our task force. Looking to become a cop? No application necessary. Simply visit Bayside City PD and click the help wanted sign. Join the group as a trainee and keep your eye out on the group for notices about officer training if you're looking to rise up in the ranks.

We're looking for role players who like to have fun and will treat other role players in the city kindly and fairly. We are not looking for strict law enforcement. This should be a fun enhancement to the role play here. You will need an all black police uniform.

Currently hiring a Chief of Police. See alerts above.
The Bayside City Sun is looking for energetic reporters to hit the streets of Bayside and find the news! Get to know residents, their stories, stay on top of local politics, etc. If you're not afraid of asking questions and helping Bayside residents discover Bayside then this is the position for you!

Requirements: You must submit a writing sample to ZaneVanderbuilt Resident. You will need to send a link to an article written by you. If you need somewhere to publish, please use Google Docs and send a share link. When submitting a writing sample, please submit what would be your first article. This should not be just a blurb, it should be a role play story that we could publish. If you are accepted, your article will be published. Get as creative as you'd like. Feel free to start a news column, interior design column, interview column, crime column, etc. We are not currently looking for personal blogs.

Preferred but not Required: Applicants with an understanding of WordPress and how to create posts will be prioritized.
Yura Gas Station in Little Toyko is welcoming employees. Feel free to sit behind the counter, earn some XeoLife stats and develop your story.
Nikishi Market is a hot spot for XeoLife players to grab food as they need it. Stop in to work as a market clerk. You can also earn some Lindens by selling XeoLife product. Rent a refrigerator or a shelf and load it with your own products. Help shoppers find what they need when they stop in!

Start Your Own Business

Looking for something more personal, have a great business idea or want to contribute to the Bayside Community? Starting a business may be a great choice! There are lots of commercial spaces in Bayside.  Keep an eye out for Chamber of Commerce meetings to meet other business owners and get tips and advice on how to improve your business endeavor in Bayside from Bayside City leadership.

Current Grants Available:

  • Day Care – Bayside City is looking for a savvy entrepreneur to start a Day Care in Bayside to accommodate a range of ages and both avatar and Zooby/mesh children. To help kickstart your business, Bayside City Chamber of Commerce will cover your rental expenses for your first 6 weeks. If interested please send a link to a Google doc that explains your business, hours of operation, and any details you’d like us to know!


Submit Your Positions

If you are a business owner in Bayside hiring employees or welcoming role play jobs, please send an IM with a link with a job description to Zanevanderbuilt Resident. Please include if this is a Linden earning position, how Lindens are earned (through tips, set booking fees, etc) or a role play position.  If you need somewhere to publish, please use Google Docs and send a share link.